9 Really Handsome Barcelona Men


Barcelona is a trendy modern city, where handsome men abound.

Want to see some cute Barcelona girls instead?

Beard & Tattoos

This guy runs one of the best third wave cafes in Barcelona.


She’s Coming

Roger is planning how to open a hostel.



He’s now making a day trip to Girona

Not So Serious

This guy has got all the freelance jobs in Barcelona.

Skate Adventures

Mario knows all the best skate spots in Barcelona.

Plane Delayed

Time to read one of the best travel books.


The Blond Hipster

He’s got to crack a job interview soon.

Baseball Fan

Questions about a data science Bootcamp in Barcelona?

Summer Vibe

He just came back from a trip to South East Asia.


Meet Cool People In Barcelona

Barcelona is super popular among Erasmus university students, MBAs, and as a party destination.

Did you meet cool people in Barcelona?

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