The 7 Best Speciality Coffee Shops In Odessa (With Maps)


Odessa (aka Odesa) is a lovely coastal city located in Southern Ukraine and near the Moldovan and Romanian borders. A touristy city and business hub, it’s a prime example of Ukraine’s great coffee culture. Let’s have a look.

Specialty Coffee In Odessa

Odessa is one of the main ports in Ukraine, and it concentrates a large part of the oilseeds, grain and beans exports. Odessa it’s Ukraine’s maritime gate to the world, and it shows.

Coffee culture in Odessa is strong and visible. There are plenty of great cafes and coffee shops – some will certainly surprise you.

Let’s review the best coffee shops in Odessa.

Tishina / Silence Cafe

Tishina (Silence)

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Best-quality coffee in Odessa.

A fantastic cafe not too far from the center. It serves gourmet Gardelli-roasted coffee, which means the coffee served here will blow your mind.

Tishina is located next to a start-up co-working center and is frequented by trendy affluent Odessans and tourists.

Coffee prices here are on the higher side, 60UAH for an Aeropress, but remember they only use Gardelli beans.



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Perfect for work.

This new coffee shop in Odessa is one of the trendiest cafes in town, and a complete delight. Don’t miss it, it’s one of the nicest third wave coffee shops in Ukraine.

Daily’s bold and naturalistic design will seduce you. The cafe features two small halls: one lively cafe with working area, and a quiet date-style sitting area with dimmer lights and privacy. It’s very well done.

And how about their coffee? Well, Daily serves acceptable FUNT coffee beans (roasted in Dnipro). Batch filter costs 40UAH, Aeropress 55UAH, Cappuccino 45UAH.

Afrika Cafe


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Exotic meeting place.

An exotic addition to the Odessa coffee scene, Africa Cafe is an ethnic-looking coffee shop expanding over two floors.

Africa Cafe honor of having what’s probably the stupidest and most inefficient toilet sink faucet in the world. Looks cool, but useless.

Other than that, Africa serves fancy coffee-based drinks in a lovely location right in the center of Odessa.

Their coffee beans provider is Vysoka Kava, a Kiev-based coffee roaster. You can grab an Aeropress at 50UAH.



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Trendy & Quality coffee.

Kachorovska is a fancy cafe-shoe store concept that emerged from the unusual intersection of pretty shoes and good coffee.

With multiple locations in Kiev, this new opening in Odessa will seduce you with bright white interiors – more popular among female customers – and decent coffee beans (Mad Heads & Foundation).

Try a Capuccino here for 42UAH. Hand brews also available at around 50-75UAH.


Foundation Coffee Roasters

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Cozy & local.

Foundation Coffee is quite popular in the Ukrainian specialty coffee arena. This cafe is comfortable and next to the center – and also not far from the main central station.

The premises are very comfortable and it provides good internet connection.

An Aeropress here is 45UAH and they also serve batch filter coffee at a more affordable 35UAH.



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Alternative local vibe.

A popular among alternative locals, this eclectic cozy cafe near the Mechnikov National University boasts a La Marzocco espresso machine and a vibrant community or regular customers.

Atelier serves Kava Art roasted beans (from Kharkiv) and prepares decent filter batch coffee at 39UAH and a range of brunch deals.

White Whale

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Hip & young crowd.

Another nice and luminous coffee shop in Odessa. White Whale runs two cafes, the main one is pretty central and the new smaller one is here.

White Whale coffee shops are popular among students, since their locations function very well as workspaces.

Here they also use Foundation coffee beans and an Aeropress costs 45UAH.

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