The Best Coffee Kit For Travel (Grinder + Dripper)

Are you a coffee nerd that cannot leave the house without your hand grinder and pour-over cone? That’s me too. And I when I travel, I take my coffee kit with me.

My Coffee Gear Travel Bag

Like you, I absolutely looove quality coffee. The first thing I want to do after brushing my teeth is to drink a cup of filter coffee.

So after years of traveling with some questionable coffee gadgets, I’m currently happy to share my coffee travel gear!

“Timemore Nano, light of my life, fire of my beans. My hand-grinder, my soul.”

Hand Grinder: Timemore Nano

The Timemore Nano is my favorite purchase in years. My third hand-grinder, and the only one I’d want to buy again.

Light and compact, solid and foldable. It’s a gem!

Don’t be fooled by its size and price, this is a quality product!

Elegant and practical! The Pourigami is an excellent dripper!

Dripper: Pourigami

The Pourigami, built by MiiR, is a quality product that I also highly recommend!

Light, sturdy, and easy to clean and assemble. This product is a fantastic purchase as well!

Scale: Random Scale

In addition to my dripper and hand-grinder, I also carry a cheap 15 USD scale that I bought off Amazon. Luckily it fits into the Timemore nano pouch, which is great.


When it comes to filters, I generally buy them on the road: whether Hario V60 #2 filters, Melitta, or any other brand.

If they’re the wrong type (ie flat bottom as per the picture), I just fold them so that they work well with my dripper. It always works.

Coffee Beans

The increasing popularity of specialty coffee means that you can find great coffee beans basically anywhere, whether in Ukraine, Sofia, or wherever.

How About You?

What’s your preferred coffee travel kit? Let us know in the comments!

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