Motorsports: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Formula 1 & MotoGP)

Do you like motorsports? Are you a MotoGP or Formula 1 fan? Barcelona has you covered: discover the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya!

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The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Barcelona-Catalunya racetrack is actually located in Montmelo, a town near Barcelona.

The racetrack was built in 1991, coinciding with the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics and holds international motorsports competition on a regular basis.

The Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit is a very popular racetrack, since professional racers and car manufacturers use the racetrack to train and test new configurations. This in turn has led to criticism, as some pilots know the racetrack very well.

Races at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Every year the Formula 1 and MotoGP races take place in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, previously called Circuit de Catalunya or as locals call it “Montmelo Racetrack”.


MotoGP: The Catalan Grand Prix

The Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix takes place yearly on the modified version of the racetrack.


MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix Racetrack

The motorbike configuration has a length of 4.627 km (2.875 mi) with 14 turns (8 right turns, 6 left runs).

In Moto GP, Jorge Lorenzo (Ducatti Desmosedici)  holds the record of the fastest lap (1:40.021) in 2018.


Formula One: The Spanish Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing) holds the record of the fastest lap configuration (1:18.441)


Formula One Spanish Grand Prix Racetrack

The car configuration has a length of 4.655 km (2.892 mi) with 16 turns (9 right turns, 7 left runs).

Layout & Factors

The wind is a common guest during trainings and competitions, and thus makes aerodynamics a very challenging setting.

GP Days: Drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari!

Would you like to test the racetrack with the car of your dreams?

The Circuit organises the GT Days where you can test-drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or others at full speed in a safe environment.

More Events and Activities

The Circuit also organises the RACC School of racing pilots, cycling days, and even track days where you can ride the track with your own bike. Learn more about the events here.

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How to get to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya?

By Car

The circuit is located only 32 km away from the center of Barcelona and it takes only 30 minutes to reach it by private car.

Follow the C-17 road (exit Montmeló), or the AP-7 highway (exits 13, 14 and 15. The exits 14 and 15 connect to the C-17 road).

Best use the map above click and then calculate exact directions from your location.

By Train

You can reach the circuit by train, first head to the Montmelo Station, and then walk for about 45 min.

It is a very economical option, but you should allocate a minimum of 1:45h to get there from Barcelona center.

By Bus

Sagalés offers scheduled round trips by bus from the Barcelona city centre, to the East Area of the Circuit (45 minutes).

The buses depart from the North Bus Station in Barcelona (C/ Ali Bei, 80), from platforms 25, 26 and 27.

The price of the return ticket is 12 euros per day and tickets are booked at Sagalés.

What do you prefer: Formula 1 or MotoGP?

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