The 8 Best Third Wave Coffee Shops In Barcelona

Tired of mediocre “cortados” and watery “cafes con leche”? While the coffee scene is still very typically “Mediterranean”, in the last five years, the coffee culture in Barcelona has gained a few fantastic coffee shops. Find out what are the best third wave coffeeshops in Barcelona!

Satan’s coffee corner.

The first speciality coffee in Barcelona, opened in 2012. This is a place for true coffee lovers, lost in the old town of Barcelona.

Nomad’s Coffee

Three locations in Barcelona, including a roastery. Maybe the best Aeropress cafe in Barcelona.

Best Coffee Makers


Located in Gràcia, fantastic lattes in Barcelona.

Black Remedy

Amazing barista skills and nice food.

Skye Coffee Company

One of the nicest things about it – served from a van.


Roastery and concept store, top cafe in Barcelona.

Animal coffee bar.

Since 2015 serving great pour-over coffee in Barcelona.

What is the best area to have a good coffee in Barcelona?

Spanish Coffee

Do you want a regular cortado coffee or cafe con leche? Then just walk around Gracia or El Born, Gothic neighbourhoods and you’ll see a few nice places.

Speciality Coffee

If you prefer a proper Aeropress, Chemex, or Hario V-60 coffee, then check one of the places on this article.

What is your favourite cafe in Barcelona?

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