How To Find Rooms & Apartments In Oslo & Norway

If you’re moving to Oslo, one of the major hurdles is finding and renting an apartment or room. Let’s have a look at your options if you’re trying to find housing in Oslo.

Ideally, you want to have your local Norwegian ID and bank account, as it may simplify the process.

However, it’s obviously also possible to move to Oslo without a local ID and rent and pay from a foreign bank account.

How To Rent A Room In Oslo / Norway?

These two online platforms are really all you need to find a room in Oslo.


Modern, and easy to use, Hybel is my recommended option for students and people looking for a shared flat or student apartments in Oslo.

Also very good at finding studios or ‘hybel‘ which are usually compact 1-bedroom apartments or basements.

Overall feels very safe, users (both owners and renters) can create a profile, and then communicate with owners directly.


Whether you need to rent a room in Bergen or buy a pair of cross-country skis, Finn is a great choice.

Finn is one of the largest online marketplaces in Scandinavia, and it’s a really powerful tool to find rooms, but I’d say mainly full apartments.

More Oslo Tips

Public transportation in Oslo is quite pricey, but there are alternatives! Check out the local shared public bikes network Oslo Bysykkle. It offers a yearly subscription for about 50 EUR.

You know it, but Oslo can be really pricey. Where to find cheap veggies in the city? Check out my guide to The Cheapest Supermarket In Norway.

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