The Best Peruvian Restaurants In Barcelona


Peruvian cuisine is as rich as it gets: fresh fish, mountain stews, jungle fruits – with a Japanese and Criollo influence. A true gem. Let’s talk about the best Peruvian restaurants in Barcelona!

#1 – Yakumanka

The best Peruvian restaurant in Barcelona! Yakumanka serves some of the best Ceviche outside Peru, and is thus not a budget option. An absolute delight, a dinner here is a fantastic culinary experience.

#2 – Totora

Great choice, Totora is another great Peruvian restaurant in Barcelona, not far from Casa Batllo.

#3 – Ceviche 103

Ceviche 103 serves great ceviche in upper side of Barcelona.

#4 – Aji

Close to the beach, Restaurant Aji is another great alternative if you are looking for the best Peruvian restaurant in Barcelona. Modern Peruvian-fusion food, recommended.

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