Remote Work In Poland: Where To Go?

Poland is one of the best countries for remote workers in Europe. Low costs, fast, reliable Internet, and tourist sights for the weekends. Let me share with you my best tips about remote work in Poland.

Best Cities To Work Remotely In Poland

The top five cities for working remotely in Poland are Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw, and Poznan.

These are the largest cities in Poland, which means that it’s fairly easy to fly in and out and find accommodation.

Additionally, I’d recommend Zakopane, Torun, and Lublin. Or even Olsztyn, and Katowice if you want a more spartan Polish experience.

Krakow is Poland’s most picturesque city.


Krakow is numero uno. The most beautiful city in Poland and possibly central Europe is a fantastic choice for remote workers.

Plenty of studios and cheap rooms for rent. Lots going on whether Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday night. Beautiful people. Abundant laundromats around the city. Cheap food options. It’s the best.

Best coworking: Spaces Krakow.

Best cafe: Karma Cafe.

Gdansk, a Northern Polish beauty.


Gdansk is a picturesque city in Northern Poland, with a lovely old town and a decent beach area which is lovely during the summer season.

While not as cozy as Krakow, and certainly (even) more of a tourist park, Gdansk still has a lively university vibe and lots of things to see and do.

As a digital nomad, you’ll find plenty of rental locations to choose from as the city has a massive accommodation offer.

Best coworking: Mind Dock

Best cafe: Drukarnia Cafe.

Wroclaw, another interesting city to discover.


A large outsourcing hub for the European financial companies, Wroclaw is a beautiful town in the South West that you should take into consideration.

Best coworking: Spaces Wroclaw

Best cafe: Paloma.

Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city.


A massive metropole, Warsaw is not for everyone. While it’s clearly the city that offers the largest range of options, it’s not my favorite due to its immense size.

Best coworking: Spaces Warsaw

Best cafe: Coffee Desk.

Poznan is a great choice and not far from Berlin.


Last but not least, Poznan is a hidden gem. Only 3h away from Berlin, the city has this slightly decadent feel that makes it exciting and special.

The least popular so far, Poznan does not have as many accommodation options, which makes it slightly less convenient for last-minute bookers like myself.

Best cafe: MIEL

Best coworking: Biuro Inspiracje

What To Take?

If you plan to do some remote work in Poland, you can budget somewhere between 600 and 1500 EUR/month in accommodation.

Your best bet is usually Booking or Airbnb, alternatively you can use Noclegi Renters, which is a company that runs hundreds of high-quality apartments all over Poland.

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