Calisthenics In Oslo: Where To Train?

Are you looking for open-air gyms to practice calisthenics in Oslo? We’ve got you covered for your calisthenics workout. Check out this list of the best places to train calisthenics in Oslo.


Tufteparken Ekeberg

My favorite open-air gym in Oslo. It has a wide range of bars and even a pair of gymnastics rings. It’s really big, and has plenty of bars and setups. Also great for parkour and any kind of street workout.


Elgsletta park in Grønland is a good place to train, yet unfortunately, the area is often full of sketchy dealers.

Elgsletta aktivitetspark

This is an OK place to do some pull-ups and other training, however, the dip bar is not in great condition. Also, you should note that the park itself is not in the best area in Oslo, and a range of weird people hang out there after dark.

Kids park in Botsparken

It has a couple of bars where you can do pull-ups (one monkey bridge for kids and one single flat bar), but not great for muscle-ups. Then there’s a double set of great dip bars.


Next to the Toyen subway stop, this is one of the better training grounds in the area.

“Parkour” park

Right next to the subway stop, you’ll find a nice tiny set of bars where you can do a full calisthenics workout. It does not have a bar/hooks for neutral grip pullups.

In Lakkegata, next to the boulders and skatepark. Not great, but better than nothing.

Lakkegata Skatepark & Climbing park

Right next to the subway stop, you’ll find a nice tiny set of low bars where you can do some sessions. There’s no good high bar, so it will work depending on your calisthenics program. In this park, you’ll also find a slackline, three small boulder problems, and a small skatepark.


You’ll find this simple monkey bridge in the kids’ playground at Sofienberg park.

Sofienberg Park

This kid’s park has a wooden monkey bridge perfect for neutral-grip pull-ups. If you want to do dips you’ll have to bring the parallettes from home.


Simple but enough to train, this park in Lekeplass is just behind the Toyen old town.

Lekeplass Jordal

Small but got some dips and a monkey bridge as well as a range of grips. The area is in construction as of November 2022.


Tufteparken Bygdøylokket

Quite a nice training park produced by Tufteparken.

Akker Brygge

Tufteparken Filipstad

Very popular training park near Akker Brygge. It’s the busiest open-air gym in Oslo, popular with casual and regular trainers.


Akershus Fortress

Near Rådhusplassen, in this inner court next to the Akershus Fortress, there’s a nice place to train.

St. Hanshaugen

Tufteparken St. Hanshaugen

Nice open-air gym in the park.


Tufteparken Torshov

Another great training park.

Did I forget your favorite calisthenics park? Please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

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