Slackline In Oslo: Free Public Slacklining Spots

Slacklining is so much fun! If you’re in Oslo and want to practice on a slackline, check out this list of the public slacklines available in the Norwegian capital.

Public Slacklines in Oslo

Oslo is amazing! The city has installed a number of free public slacklines available 24/7.

The Rampline Oslo Public Slacklines

Oslo has invested in a number of public slacklines manufactured by Rampline Slakkline and costing about 2500 USD each.

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The lines are about 4 meters long and mounted at 45cm above the ground, with rubber pads.

Slackline at the City Hall Spot

Oslo City Hall Slackline

Nice spot in the center of the city, just behind the iconic Oslo City Hall and near the National Theatre subway spot.

The spot also features a number of steps and a Rampball course.


Oslo Botanical Garden Slackline

Near the Slurpen Skatepark at Lakkegata, there’s a small park with a slackline, three small boulder walls, and a couple more urban obstacles for parkour.

Slackline at the Grønland Slackline Spot

Vaterlandsparken Slackline (Grønland)

Another spot in Oslo, with a few steps to practise jumping. Unfortunately, there’s occasionally some creepy people in the park but they never bother the slackline community.

Finally, if you want to connect with the local slackline community in Oslo try this Facebook group.

Do you know more spots? Let us know in the comments!

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