The World’s Best Locations For a Vipassana 10-Day Retreat


Embarking on a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat can potentially change your life forever. But with so many locations around the world, where to do it? Let’s review the best locations for a Vipassana retreat.

Dhamma, an international NGO, organises vipassana retreats around the world in over 100 countries in all continents.

Best Vipassana retreat locations


Dhamma Pataka (South Africa)

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Dhamma Pataka is a very special location located on a mountain slope near Worcester, about 1h away from Cape Town. Fantastic food and accommodation as well as meditation hall.

Bebrusai (Lithuania)

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Lithuania is a sparsely populated Northern-European country located in the Baltic gulf. This location, a rented holiday resorts, rest alongside a beautiful lake and offers pleasant basic accommodation as well as fantastic food supply. Easy to reach from Vilnius.

Marrakesh (Morocco)

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This non-center location is absolutely lovely, located near Marrakesh and not far from the international airport. Mediterranean vegetarian food is provided in a fantastic lovely resort that boasts fantastic weather all-year round.

What’s your favorite location for a Vipassana meditation retreat?

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