The Easiest Way To Reach The Bunkers Del Carmel

The Bunkers del Carmel is probably the best urban viewpoint in Barcelona. Do you know what is the easiest way to get to the Bunkers Barcelona?

Visiting The Bunkers in Barcelona

Visiting the Bunkers del Carmel (aka as Bunkers, Bunkers Barcelona, or Bateries Antiaeries del Carmel) using public transportation is very easy and it takes only about an hour from anywhere in the city center.

Easiest Routes From:

Nearest Bus / Subway Stops:

Keep reading to see the detailed routes and Google map links on how to get to the Bunkers del Carmel.

Where Are The Bunkers Del Carmel?

The Bunkers del Carmel are officially called “Bateries antiaèries de Can Baró”, but most locals know it by “The Bunkers”, “Los Bunkers del Carmelo” or “Els Bunkers del Carmel”.

The visit to the Bunkers del Carmel is FREE of charge. There is no admissions fee to the Bunkers del Carmel. So, you won’t need to buy any tickets or pay any access fee to visit the Bunkers del Carmel.

Visiting The Bunkers In Short:
By Subway: Guinardo (L4, yellow) + 30 min walk uphill,
By Bus 22 to last stop (Pl Mitja Lluna) + 8 min walk

Height & Location

The Bunkers are located on top of the Turo de la Rovira at a height of 262 meters or 560 feet., and offer great views of Barcelona.

Despite the picturesque location, it is possible to get to the Bunkers del Carmel by public transportation in about 45 minutes away from the old town by bus or subway.

Easiest way to reach bunkers barcelona
Night View

How To Go To The Bunkers Del Carmel By Bus?

With bus 22 from Barceloneta / Jaume I / Pl Urquinaona / Gracia (Fontana) + 8 min walk

It is quite easy – just take bus line 22 from the center or Gracia to the last stop and then walk (8min) towards the top of the hill.

Take bus line 22 all the way until last stop (Gran Vista – Pl de la Mitja Lluna). Bus line 24 drops you off a bit further, but also works well.

Do NOT take bus line V17, line itinerary has changed and won’t get you to the Bunkers del Carmel, you might get lost.

Bus 22 approximate route

Bus number 22 is the most convenient bus to the Bunkers del Carmel.

Bus 22 starts at Pl Catalunya, right opposite of the large El Corte Ingles building and next to the Mc Donalds at St Pere Street. If you can’t find it, ask for “El Corte Ingles” department store (light grey building). This is the exact bus station map location.

Then the bus goes up Ps de Gracia, then Gran de Gracia, all the way to Lesseps. You can catch it from other subway stops such as Diagonal, Fontana, Lesseps, and Vallcarca (from the upper exit in Republica Argentina Avenue).

Then the bus follows the Gran Vista Street all the way to the Pl Mitja Lluna, right next to the Bunkers del Carmel.

Walk From The Last Bus Stop 22 To The Top

Next to the car parking opposite the bus stop there is a road that goes up sneakingly behind the mountain. Just follow the asphalted road that turns to the right.

Just a couple of minutes walk away, you should be able to see the sea from a really nice small intermediate viewpoint.

Continue further, and in another 150 meter you’ll pass an odd asphalt roundabout. By now you should be able to devise your goal: the Bunkers Barcelona stand in front of you. It looks like an odd telecommunications antenna.

To the Bunkers By Bus:
1 – Take the 22 to last stop (Pl Mitja Lluna)
2 – Follow the paved path uphill (8 min).
3 – Enjoy!

You can find more info about bus line 22 here. Also, note that Bus 119 gets you even closer, but does not run from the center.

How To Go To The Bunkers Del Carmel By Subway?

From Guinardo subway stop (L4, yellow) + 30 min walk

By subway, the best way to reach the Bunkers del Carmel is starting at Guinardo subway stop (L4, yellow).

While it is also possible to start from Alfons X (L4, yellow), I do not recommend it because it is easier to get lost.

In any case, the steep walk/hike from the subway stations is gorgeous during fresh, clear-sky days. It takes approximately 30 min from each of these subway stops.

Start at Guinardo (L4, yellow) subway stop.

Detailed Route To the Bunkers From Guinardo (L4) subway stop.

Exit the subway and orient towards the hill walking up Telegraf street. Pass the municipal gym (big grey building) and follow Telegraf street up all the way to the top.

Half way through Telegraf street (aprox 500m), you’ll find the first set of escalators and then a couple of inclined elevators that will help you get to the top of the street easily.

Once you reach the top of Telegraf Street (after the second inclined elevator), you’ll find a small parking area that leads to a green area on its higher end. That’s the beginning of the Guinardo Park, and the start of the trail which leads to the Bunkers.

You’ll then have to first follow a short dirt trail up to the main trail, and then take it to the left going flat for maybe 300 meters until you reach a fork. Google Maps directions are usually accurate here.

From then onwards, take the side of the fork that leads uphill. And then just follow up instinctively.

Remember that the Bunkers are on top of the hill. And all trails lead to Rome 🙂

At some point you’ll find some metallic stairs on your right side – take them and you are almost there.

From the top of the metallic stairs you’ll find an asphalt road and some houses on your left. Go towards the houses (you can probably see the antennas and the bunkers already. You’re almost there!

To the Bunkers By Subway:
1 – Go to Guinardo (L4, yellow)
2 – Walk Telegraf Street uphill, all the way to the top (30 min).
3 – Enjoy!

When To Visit The Bunkers Del Carmel?

The best time to visit the Bunkers del Carmel is at sunrise or sunset. At sunrise the sun rises from the East, from the seaside. At sunset, the sun sets behind the Tibidabo and illuminates the city beautifully.

Given Barcelona’s great weather, the bunkers are also perfect for a picnic — bring your own supplies.

Note that the Bunkers del Carmel viewpoint is exposed to the wind, particularly during the winter. It might get very windy and cold after sunset.

Thus, make sure you are protected from the wind – and bring sunblock and enough water if it is sunny.

Is There Car Parking Near The Bunkers Del Carmel?

If you come by car, there is indeed a free parking area near the Pl. Mitja Lluna – and also on the nearby streets. Set your Google Maps to drive you here.

While it is possible to come by car, it’s really nicer to walk from the Guinardo subway, and reduces the pollution level near the park.

Final Tips

The Bunkers del Carmel is one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona. You should not miss it even if you are in Barcelona just for a few days.

Visiting The Bunkers In Short:
By Subway: Guinardo (L4, yellow) + 30 min walk uphill,
By Bus 22 to last stop (Pl Mitja Lluna) + 8 min walk

How to reach the Bunkers del Carmel? The easiest way is taking bus number 22. Otherwise take the subway to Guinardo (L4, yellow) and head uphill.

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