Has Coronavirus/Covid-19 Killed The Hostel Dorm?

Backpacking will never be the same, the Covid-19 aka Coronavirus has destroyed the viability of hostel dorms.

If you are a hardcore traveler like myself, one of the main thoughts in your head is likely to be: “When can I start traveling again?”.

You better wear a mask all day.

Coronavirus and Backpackers

Coronavirus is a tricky virus that takes a few days to develop, when it remains “invisible”, then it spreads in the meanwhile. Also, some people are positive but don’t develop hard symptoms so it’s hard to stop.

So far so good. But are you willing to stay in a hostel dorm in the times of coronavirus?

The Hostel Industry

A year ago, I wrote one of this blog’s most popular posts: “How To Open A Hostel From Scratch (Step by Step)“.

As an potential hostel owner myself, I would not want to be in the business any time soon.

Unfortunately, it feels like we’re far from a situation where hostels can be a safe choice for travelers.

I mean, are you really willing to share a room with strangers in the times of corona?

What can be done in the meanwhile?

I’d recommend staying away from hostel dorms for the time being, however, I have myself found ways to deal with it.

One option is to sleep and use hostels wearing a mask, day and night.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous but I’ve done it myself. It’s entirely possible to sleep with a mask, and admittedly not 100% safe, but certainly better than nothing if you need to stay in a hostel.

Masks + social distancing…

Final Notes

Remember that traveling is not just backpacking in Thailand or Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, etc.

Embrace alternative traveling methods. Try buying a cheap van and make it your home.

Traveling is far from over. It’s just that the hostel dorm is not gonna work out in the years to come.

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