An Overview Of The Production Of Wine in Colombia


Have you ever tried Colombian wine? Well, it’s generally not exactly wine. Let’s say there is a lot of work to do. In any case, let’s talk about the production of wine in Colombia.

YES, Colombia produces wines, but NO – they are not great (yet).

Colombian wine is currently produced in small quantities in the Departments of Boyaca, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, and Santander.

History of Colombian Wine Production

Jesuit missionaries brought vines to Colombia about 400 years ago, in order to perform religious ceremonies. Even nowadays there are wild grapes that survived in some areas in the Boyaca Department.

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The Jesuit missionaries succeeded in crafting some Colombian wines, but were forced to discontinue production after the Spanish King outlawed the production of wine in Colombia under death penalty.

In 1982, Colombia revitalized the cultivation of wine grapes for the first times since the the Spanish Crown.

Colombian Wine Production Nowadays

Producing wine in Colombia has always been very difficult due to climatic factors such as high relative humidity and lack of clear seasons.

It’s however even more complicated nowadays, in the light of cheap Chilean and Argentinean wine imports.

Despite the flood of imported wines, year by year, Colombian winemakers are stubbornly improving the quality of their wines.

Additionally, the Colombian consumer does not drink much wine, generally speaking. Colombia is not a wine-drinking country.

Wine Producing Areas in Colombia

Valle del Sol / Alto Chicamocha

The Valle del Sol, aka as Alto Chicamocha, offers high hopes for the Colombian wine industry.

Yearly total rain is rather low, and the wettest municipality in the region, Paipa, receives about 830 mm per year, which is about the same number than the famous region of Bordeaux in France.

Wine Cellars in Colombia



  • Viñedo Sierra Morena (Contact: 6430780 – 3125223339)
  • Viña Aldana



Valle Del Cauca

  • Parador Grajales

The Future of Colombian Wine Production

The reality is that the production potential is relatively limited to the climatic conditions, yet there is plenty of room to improve the current quality levels.

Colombian wine consumers will slowly demand national wine. It’s just a matter of time until Colombian wine reaches the next level.

Expovinos Colombia

The yearly Expovinos trade fair is the main Colombian event for the wine industry and offers seminaries, conferences, wine tastings, and commercial contacts.

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