The Best Cafes in Lviv (For Freelancers)

Want to work remotely from Lviv? Lviv is a gorgeous city full of energy and beautiful sights. Let’s review the best third wave cafes in Lviv!

Just a few hours away from Krakow or Kiev, Lviv is a great city to work as a freelance, because rent prices are low and it’s a fun city.

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Let’s talk about the best coffee shops to work and study in Lviv


Black Honey

Black honey is a shiny white cafe perfect for those that need a place to sit and get some work done, study, or just people watch.

Manufaktura Cafe

This is super nice cafe, perfect for working or studying. There are over 10 different available types of coffee beans.

Svit Kavy

Svit Kavy was one of the specialty coffee pioneers in Ukraine. Very nice egggs benedict and V60 coffee in the center of Lviv.


Located relatively close to the train station and near some new business park, Chekhovich is a good place to have breakfast or grab a cup of Aeropress.

Further Notes

Working remotely from Ukraine is a fantastic idea, and Lviv is a great city.

Also try Poltava, not far from Kiev, and where you can find excellent coffee shops and great burgers.

What’s your favourite city?

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