The Best Cafes In Poltava (With Maps)


Tired from massive Kiev? Need to get some work done? Head to Poltava, a lovely city with an interesting lively city center. Discover the best cafes in Poltava!

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The Best Coffee Shops in Poltava

Poltava is a cute city about 3h away from Kiev. It’s perfect for freelancers and people who want to learn Russian in Ukraine. Costs are lower than in Kiev or Lviv and Poltava has everything you need.

#1 – Bun’s Brew Bar

Probably the coolest third wave cafe in Poltava, this coffee shop serves amazing Aeropress and V-60. Decoration is modern and the place is great to finish a book or get some freelance work done.

#2 – Kavun

Probably the hippest place in town, Kavun has a lovely lounge area and super nice baristas. Usually quite full, with international students and local hipsters, this cafe also serves the best cake in Poltava.

#3 – G Cafe

Another decent coffee shop in Poltava, less hipster, lower prices. Their omelettes are delicious! G Cafe has two locations, the other one is also in the center.

#4 – Kofein

Another popular coffee shop in Poltava, Kofein is central cafe with spacious seating – great to get work done.

Where To Stay In Poltava

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