The Craziest Brutalist Buildings In The World

Some brutalist buildings are just unbelievable. Who designed and built them? Hard to believe! Let’s review the craziest brutalist buildings in the world!

Brutalism refers to an architectural style in vogue from 1951 to 1975 or so.

What can you add to this?

Buffalo City Court (USA)

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Finished in 1974,itIt’s hard to say anything constructive about this building (pun intended). Designed by Pfohl, Roberts, and Biggie.

Buzludzha is unmistakeable…

Buzludzha Monument (Bulgaria)

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This is clearly one of the craziest brutalist buildings in the world. Unluckily, this monumental building is now abandoned and hence partially destroyed.

Probably my favorite among the socialist modernist buildings.

The interior is exquisite with murals and an unforgettable ceiling, but the building is now warded and thus impossible to visit.

Boston City Hall (USA)

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A controversial building, copied widely in cities such as Ruse in Bulgaria.

Radio & Television Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia)

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Iconic building near the train station.

Hotel Cosmos (Moscow, Russia)

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The 25 floors Hotel Cosmos, aka Hotel Kosmos, was designe by architects Andreev, Zaikin, Steiskal, inaugurated in 1979.

Rooms available!

Hotel President (Cote d’Ivoire)

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Another WTF building this time in West Africa.

This is an actual picture.

Bank Of Georgia Headquarters (Georgia)

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The Bank Of Georgia Headquarters building shows clear influences from Russian constructivists such as El Lissitsky, and was designed by architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania for the Ministry of Highway Construction of the Georgian SSR. Completed in 1975.

Hotel Salute (Kiev, Ukraine)

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Built in 1982-1984, the Hotel Salute (3-star), near subway Arsenalna in Kiev, is one of the most interesting socialist modernist buildings in the Ukrainian capital.

Abraham Moiseevich Miletsky, the architecht, is also the creator of two major projects in Kiev: the Crematorium, and the Hotel Ukraina in the Maidan Square.

Habitat 67 (Canada)

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Unique residential building located in Montreal.

The Kazan Circus

Kazan Circus (Russia)

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Next to the old town of Kazan, one can find this socialist modernist masterpiece.

Hotel Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)

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Accidentally came across this massive building and couldn’t believe it.

Hard to digest.

Western City Gate (Serbia)

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Aka as Genex Tower, this is another crazy building that shocks visitors a few decades after its completion.

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