The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Colombia

Colombia is the land of coffee and a paradise for specialty coffee aficionados. Full stop. Unfortunately, most of the coffee served in Colombia is really bad. This is why I created this short guide to the specialty coffee shops in Colombia.

Specialty Coffee in Bogota

Azahar Coffee

Azahar offers probably the best coffee shop experience in Bogota.

These guys are professional coffee exporters, supplying many of your local roasters and specialty green coffee importers with their raw materials.

You can find two locations in Bogota: La Candelaria and Parque de la 43

Specialty Coffee in Medellin


Pergamino is another leading specialty green coffee exporter and integrated coffee company, from production to dry-milling, exporting, and also serving great cups of coffee in their cafes.

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Pergamino offers two locations in El Poblado area in Medellin: a bigger cafe on Carrera 37 and a smaller cafe on Calle 10B.

Specialty Coffee in Armenia

Cafe Quindio

Cafe Quindio is another great place to grab a cup of coffee in Colombia.

The company offers a decent specialty coffee grade setup, although more similar to Starbucks than say Tim Wendelboe.

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