The 3 Best Music Festivals In Barcelona

Barcelona combines fantastic weather and culture with great nightlife all year round. Locals know how to enjoy life, and they organise fantastic summer music festivals. The three best music festivals in Barcelona are fantastic excuses for a weekend trip to best city in Spain. Don’t miss them!


A Hipster’s Paradise.

The Primavera is one of the best music festivals in Europe. It focuses on indie music, ranging from alternative artists such as my favorite John Maus to well-known performances from Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Deerhunter, etc.

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While the festival is amazing, the tickets tend to be pricey and the city is booked out for those days weeks ahead. The Primavera Sound is very popular with Northern Europeans, you’ll meet a bunch of Brits, Germans, and Swedes.

The Primavera Sound takes place yearly in Early June. In 2018 the dates are May 30th to June 3rd 2018. Find out more on


Finest Electronic Music in Europe

The Sonar is a very sophisticated electronic music festival. It goes beyond music and incorporates contemporary arts and technology. From the classics, such as Kraftwerk, to Skrillex and other current DJ superstars.

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Ibiza is Europe’s electronic music capital., no doubt about it,. But if you like the best electronic music, Sonar Festival is an excellent event in Barcelona that you should not miss.

The Sonar Festival takes place yearly in mid June. In 2018 the dates areJune 14th to June 16th 2018. Find out more on


A Truly Local Experience.

La Merce is the official festival of the city of Barcelona. All towns and cities in Spain feature a yearly festival, usually at the end of the summer, historically coinciding with the end of the cereal crop.

La Merce Festival is one of the best opportunities to interact with locals and enjoy the city like the locals do it. Don’t be afraid to make new friends!

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In the case of la Merce, the festival has developed from a local celebration to a high-end urban celebration spanning over days of great activities and music concerts –ALL FOR FREE.

La Merce Festival takes place yearly in end September. In 2018 the dates are tentatively September 20th to September 24th 2018. Find out more on


Cool. Now that you have discovered the Sonar, the Primavera Sound, and La Merce, it’s time to plan ahead.

Make sure to book a room in advance to avoid astronomical prices. Too expensive already? Check out my post on What To Do When Staying In Barcelona Is Too Expensive?

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