A Guide To Chess Clubs In Barcelona

Chess is relatively popular in Barcelona and the situation is improving as the city gains international residents. Are you’re a chess player moving to my city? Then let me introduce you to the best chess clubs in Barcelona.

It’s no secret, The Queen’s Gambit miniseries produced by Netflix has relaunched chess.

Additionally, coronavirus lockdowns and work-from-home mandates brought millions of bored workers to online chess sites such as the iconic Chess.com.

As a consequence, many new players are trying to get better at chess. But how?

A perfect way to get better at chess is to join a chess club where you’ll meet like-minded people and challenge yourself to the next level.

Are you new in Barcelona? Don’t worry, here’s the list of the best chess clubs in Barcelona.

The Best Chess Clubs In Barcelona

Aereal view of Barcelona
Are you moving in? Join a local chess club in Barcelona!

Club d’Escacs Barcelona

The Barcelona Chess Club was constituted in 1921 and is thus the oldest chess club in Barcelona and Spain.

The club organizes chess courses for kids and adults as well as tournaments.

Catalunya Escacs Club

Catalunya Escacs Club, literally Catalunya Chess Club, is located in Sants and offers courses and summer activities.

Escola d’Escacs De Barcelona

The Escola d’Escacs de Barcelona, literally the Barcelona Chess School, organizes chess courses Monday through Thursday, from October till May.

Peona I Peo Club

The Peona I Peo chess club is headquartered in the Guinardo neighborhood, not far from the L4 subway stop.

Federacio Catalana d’Escacs

The local Catalan Chess Federation will guide you through the process of becoming a federated player.

This federation aggregates all the chess clubs in Barcelona and Catalunya and is thus a good starting point.

The Federacion Espanola De Ajedrez (The Spanish Chess Federation), which coordinates the autonomic federations in Spain, oversees the Catalan Chess Federation above.

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