The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Clermont-Ferrand (France)

If you happen to be in Clermont-Ferrand and want to have a great cup of coffee, we’ve got you.

Clermont-Ferrand is a lovely little city in central France well-known for being the cradle of Michelin, one of the pioneers in the development of rubber tires.

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Additionally, the city location is great next to the many “puys” or extinct vulcanoes, offering fantastic hiking & cycling opportunities.

Best Coffee Shop In Clermont-Ferrand

#1 Aigo Cafe

Probably the only “specialty” coffee shop in the city, although more like a place to sit down and get some work rather than getting your best-ever cup of coffee.

When we visited, they had beans from Cafe Mokxa in Lyon.

#2 Cafes Thomas / Cafes Sympas

This place is the 1.0 coffee roaster, a classic remnant of the old days of coffee. The lady running it told me it’s the 5th generation.

They’ve got a good selection of roasted beans (at least 10 origins, sold by weight) at a very fair price.

#3 Australian Coffee House

More of a hangout place, and just next to the next one (Quetzal), this is a place to sit and chat, but you won’t get a great cup of coffee.

While very popular, neither the machinery nor the coffee beans are top class.

#4 Quetzal Cafe

Finally, this small coffee shop next to the Australian Coffee House, also deserves a mention.

#5 Rosa da Rua

More of a tea shop, this place serves good coffee too, roasted by Placid Roasters in Lyon.

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