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Mindfulness & Pain: What I Learned On My Second Vipassana 10-Day Meditation Retreat

Mindfulness & Pain: What I Learned On My Second Vipassana 10-Day Meditation Retreat

What is Vipassana Meditation? Vipassana meditation is an ancient Indian meditation technique that focuses on gaining control over the corporeal sensations in order to see reality “as it is” and thus achieve inner peace. Different schools of Vipassana meditation are widely practised in South East 

Best MBA in Barcelona – IESE or ESADE?

Best MBA in Barcelona – IESE or ESADE?

Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to do an MBA. It offers a great environment to lower stress while earn a top MBA in Europe. Do want to study an MBA in Barcelona? Find out what is the best MBA in 

Spanish Working Holiday Visa Guide

Spanish Working Holiday Visa Guide

So you love Barcelona (or some other Spanish city) and want to come live and work here for a while, but you are not EU/EEA citizen? You still can come here with a Spanish Working Holiday Visa.

What Is A Working Holiday Visa?

A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is a type of visa that allows you to travel and work in a certain country for 1-2 years.

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Working Holiday Visas are generally valid for 12 months. Some might be extended for another 6 or 12 months.

If you want a Working Holiday Visa for Barcelona, you’ll need a WHV for Spain.

Who Can Obtain A Working Holiday Visa For Spain?

The Working Holiday Visa is meant for young people something like 18-30 years old at the time of application.

Currently only 4 nationalities can obtain the Working Holiday Visa for Spain:

  • Australia (500 visas per year)
  • New Zealand (200 visas per year)
  • Canada (1000 visas per year)
  • Japan (250 visas per year)

Also, those that have a valid Working Holiday Visa for another Schengen country (eg Germany, France, etc) might be able to travel to Spain during the time the visa remains valid.

It is less clear whether it will be possible to work in Barcelona with a Working Holiday Visa issued by a 3rd state such as Germany.

In principle it is not possible and you’d be allowed to stay in Spain for only 90 days as a tourist, after that you’d have to register.

Coders have very good chances of landing jobs in Barcelona.

What Type Of Jobs Can I Get With A Spanish Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa will allow you to work in temporary roles. This means that pretty much all student and service jobs qualify.

The most common jobs are tourism-related:

  • barista
  • model
  • designer
  • photographer
  • waiters
  • kitchen assistants
  • cooks
  • receptionists
  • admin jobs
  • language teachers
  • etc…

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Getting a job in Spain is much easier if you speak good Spanish, unless you work in IT, design, or fashion.

Working without a contract is illegal and not recommended as it might get you deported and banned from visiting Spain.

With the Spanish working holiday visa you can live anywhere, including magical San Sebastian!

Where Can I work With A Spanish Working Holiday Visa?

With a Spanish Working Holiday Visa, you’ll be able to work in Spain (any region) for as long as the visa is valid, usually 1 year.

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This means that your visa will be valid in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Valencia, Sevilla, etc.

During the validity of the visa, you’ll also be able to change location and work for different employers.

Only four nationalities can apply for the Spanish working holiday visa.

How Do I Get A Working Holiday Visa For Spain?

Obtaining a Working Holiday Visa for Spain will require some administration and research and will involve presenting official documents to the authorities, including criminal records.

Most of the administration can be done online / per post, but you might need to go to the Spanish Embassy / Consulate in your country or nearest location and apply accordingly.

Find the links to the official application procedure below:

  • Australia (See info here)
  • New Zealand (See info here)
  • Canada (See info here)
  • Japan (See info here)

Important! Note that the number of yearly Working Holiday Visas issued to citizens of each country is usually limited to 200-1500 visas per year.

Typical Requirements For Working Holiday Visa In Spain

  • Australian / Canadian / New Zealand / Japan Passport
  • 18-30 years old by application date
  • Sufficient Funds (arbitrary)
  • Minimum 2 years of Higher Education
  • Functional level of Spanish (proof of A1 level)
  • Cover Letter
  • Health Check
  • Formal invitation (“letter of support”)
  • Clean criminal record
  • No dependents relatives / kids
  • Not having taking part in the program yet
  • Up to 100 EUR application fee

Next Steps: Getting Your Spanish Working Holiday Visa

  1. Gather information. Visit the official embassy / consulate web sites and find out whether you are elegible for a Spanish Working Holiday Visa.
  2. Prepare documentation for the application. Make sure you do not miss any deadlines.
  3. Apply online and submit all the documentation for your working holiday visa in Spain.
  4. Wait for the resolution. You might be in Spain sooner than you think!
  5. Seek alternatives. Another option is to get a visa for Barcelona is to apply for a student visa as a full-time student.

Study in Barcelona:

Do you know anyone who wants to work & travel in Spain?

The Easiest Way To Reach The Bunkers Del Carmel

The Easiest Way To Reach The Bunkers Del Carmel

The Bunkers del Carmel is probably the best urban viewpoint in Barcelona. Do you know what is the easiest way to get to the Bunkers Barcelona?

Slackline In Oslo: Free Public Slacklining Spots

Slackline In Oslo: Free Public Slacklining Spots

Slacklining is so much fun! If you’re in Oslo and want to practice on a slackline, check out this list of the public slacklines available in the Norwegian capital. Public Slacklines in Oslo Oslo is amazing! The city has installed a number of free public 

Where To Go Ice Skating Near Oslo (By Bus)

Where To Go Ice Skating Near Oslo (By Bus)

Do you want to go ice skating near Oslo? It’s a great idea! Oslo has some nice places to go ice staking, and a local favorite is Fornebu.

Ice Skating in Fornebu

The place itself is beautiful and, weather permitting, it allows for kilometers of ice skating around the small islands in the little fjord. Don’t miss it!

Locals know that Fornebu is probably the best place to go ice skating near Oslo. It will be packed!


How to get to Fornebu

Fornebu lies about 30 minutes by bus from the city center or roughly 30 min by bike. You can find your route on Google Maps or Ruter.

The Bunkers Del Carmel Will Be Fenced

The Bunkers Del Carmel Will Be Fenced

The city hall of Barcelona, headed by Ada Colau, has decided to fence the Bunkers del Carmel during the coming summer 2021. RELATED: The Easiest Way To Reach The Bunkers Del Carmel The views from Spanish Civil war era bunkers at the top of the 

The Best Coffee Shops In Gdansk

The Best Coffee Shops In Gdansk

Do you want to have a good cup of coffee in Gdansk? Let’s review the best specialty coffee shops in Gdansk. Poland is a fantastic destination, with tens of different cities to explore. If you decide to come, be prepared to fall in love with 

The Cheapest Supermarket In Norway

The Cheapest Supermarket In Norway

Norway is expensive, full stop. There’s no way around it. But you can try to shop at relatively cheaper supermarket chains. Let’s talk about the cheapest supermarket in Norway.

If you are an Erasmus student or a seasonal worker you’ll likely try to shop low-cost groceries.

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Supermarkets Are Not Really Cheap

Unfortunately, Norway does not have Lidl or Aldi, or other European low-cost supermarket chains.

The model here in Norway is different, instead of having cheaper supermarket chains, there are only regular supermarkets (no hard discounters).

But then the regular supermarkets offer “cheap” brands such as El Dorado or First Price that are basically basic and low cost products respectively.

What’s really interesting is that both brands are controlled by the same marketing group: Unil, which also controls premium brands such as Jacobs.

#1 REMA 1000

Rema (aka Rema 1000) is generally speaking your best bet if you’re trying to keep a low-cost life in Norway.

While not great in terms of assortment, service, or fruit prices, the supermarket is still your best bet.

#2 Kiwi

Kiwi is very similar to Rema, and in some cases cheapest supermarket in Norway.

Kiwi has a

#3 Coop

A Norwegian cooperative, Coop is a nice supermarket, similar to Kiwi and Rema 1000 but slightly shinier and nicer.

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A Guide To Moving To Norway (Visa Matters)

A Guide To Moving To Norway (Visa Matters)

Norway is a paradise of a country, and one of the best places in the world to find employment. Are you thinking of moving to Norway? Let’s have a look at what you need to do to get settled in Norway. How To Get A 

Visiting The Only Winery In Barcelona

Visiting The Only Winery In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s food and wine capitals, but did you know there’s one (and only one) winery IN Barcelona? L’Olivera Project L’Olivera is a wine cooperative founded in 1974 with a double focus on wine and olive oil. The wine project has 

A Guide To Chess Clubs In Barcelona

A Guide To Chess Clubs In Barcelona

Chess has a following in Barcelona and is becoming even more popular as the city hosts international visitors and residents. Do you know the best chess clubs in Barcelona.

Club d’Escacs Barcelona

The Barcelona Chess Club, was constituted in 1921 and is thus the oldest chess club in Barcelona and Spain.

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The club organizes chess courses for kids and adults as well as tournaments.

Catalunya Escacs Club

Catalunya Escacs Club, literally Catalunya Chess Club, is located in Sants and offers courses and summer activities.

Escola d’Escacs de Barcelona

The Escola d’Escacs de Barcelona, literally the Barcelona Chess School, organizes chess courses Monday through Thursday, from October till May.

Peona I Peo Club

The Peona I Peo chess club is headquartered in the Guinardo neighbourhood, not far from the L4 subway stop.

Federacio Catalana d’Escacs

The local Catalan Chess Federation will guide you through the process of becoming a federated player.

A Guide To Craft Beer In Barcelona (Breweries & Bars)

A Guide To Craft Beer In Barcelona (Breweries & Bars)

Barcelona has pretty nice beer everywhere, but you’ll probably get tired of mostly drinking the classic Estrella from Damm, the largest local brewery. Craft beer in Barcelona is increasingly popular and we hope the trend continues. Recently, tourism and the internationalisation of Barcelona has increased 

The Best Spanish Trap

The Best Spanish Trap

Trap has become quite popular in Spain in the last couple of years and some Spanish trap artists have reached global exposure. Spanish trap artists have incorporated a number of influences, from flamenco, reggaeton or even bolero and other latin classic music genres. Let’s review