The 6 Best Nightclubs in Barcelona (Techno, House, Dance, Salsa)

Barcelona is one of the hottest cities in Europe. Thousands of tourists explore the city during the day – and many want to go out at night too. One of the key questions is: what are the best nightclubs in Barcelona? Keep reading and find the one that suits you the most.

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The Best Nightclubs in Barcelona


If you want to go out and dance and have a fun night out but do not know where to go, start here.

Razzmatazz is a big club with 7 different rooms and different music. Industrial looking building. Not posh, not too hipster. It’s a safe bet – if you don’t like what you see, you go to the next room.

Generally quite crowded, a mix of locals and tourists. Drinks not cheap but well, it’s Barcelona. The Techno room (The Loft) is some of the best music in town, and features very good bookings weekly. There are also concerts almost daily.

Some recent bookings include: David Byrne, Coldplay, Orbital, Pulp, The Strokes, Kanye West, Blur, Belle and Sebastian, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Kraftwrek, Paul Kalkbrenner, Justice or Skrillex.

Dress-code is quite relaxed, but you might expect lines to get in at around 2-3am. Find on Resident Advisor.

How to get to Razzmatazz?
Subway Bogatell (L4, yellow) or Glories (L1, red)


This is a fun place with dance music, tourist crowd, and well, average dance music. It’s certainly one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. It’s good to meet up new people and have some fun time. From R&B to house, a somewhat safe option if you are in the old town.

How to get to Jamboree?
Subway Liceu (L3 green)

Sala Apolo / NITSA

This is a classic venue in near the Raval and Paralel areas. Apolo is massively well-known for the crazy parties on Mondays: The Nasty Mondays.

In any case, the place is fun and has been on the radar for a long time. Both locals and tourists love it – from hipsters to punks.

Find NITSA on Resident Advisor.

How to get to Sala Apolo?
Subway Parallel (L2 purple, L3 green)



The best techno club in Barcelona. But this is certainly not a place for flirting or meeting girls. People come here for the music, check out what to expect below.

The Moog is small and crowded. It has a main (but small) dance-hall located on the ground floor, and an even tinier room upstairs. Downstairs techno, minimal, and acid house. Upstairs mostly corny 80s and other disco stuff. While downstairs is mostly tech-lovers, upstairs is somewhat generally indie and gay crowd. It’s fun, and not too expensive. Find on Resident Advisor.

How to get to Moog?
Subway Liceu (L3, green)



This club has been the leading commercial “house” club in town for the last 10 years. Full of tourists, it is what it is, so do not expect the best night of your life.

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Expensive, but well, not a bad option for mainstream dance music and meeting point. Expect pricey drinks and lines everywhere. Beautiful face. This is an option recommended for the fancier ones, dress-code is quite preppy and men-only groups are not always welcomed. Management generally intends to keep a certain balance men-women.

How to get to Opium?
Subway Ciutadella Villa Olimpica (L4, yellow)

Antilla Salsa Disco

This is the salsa place in Barcelona. You know, latin music, good vibe, fun dances and so on. A classic among the local South-American population, it has been in the radar for long time, and people keep coming back.

How to get to Antilla Salsa Disco?
Subway Urgell (L1, red) or Hospital Clinic (L5 blue)


Barcelona is well-known for a vibrant night-life, yet most of its clubs are quite mediocre.
If you are not sure where to go, stick with Razzmatazz, Jamboree, or Sala Apolo. You can also try Moog (techno) or Antilla (latin).

Which one is your favorite?