Top 5 Best Movie Theaters In Barcelona (O.V. Movies)

You are tired of sightseeing and walking around. What to do? Maybe movie day? This is a selection of the best movie theaters in Barcelona.

Some of us cannot spend more than a few days without watching a new movie. Keep reading to find out where to go.

The Best Movie Theaters in Barcelona

Best Movie Theaters in Barcelona

La Filmoteca

La Filmoteca de Catalunya is Barcelona’s leading public space devoted to cinema.

It runs 2-4 curated movies (generally classics) a day, for about 2-3EUR/seat. It is located in the Raval neighborhood, so the location is good if you are stayinf in the old town.

Note that La Filmoteca generally shows classic or historically relevant movies and does not even allow drinks or food in the halls. This means that modern films are relatively unlikely, and no pop-corn.

Good for movie-lovers, not so much for the occasional visitor.

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Yearly from January to March, it also has occasional shows of modern classics and a yearly review of the best movies. You can check the Filmoteca’s movie schedule here.

In sum, it’s a movie-aficionado paradise; one can get a yearly pass for just around 60EUR/year!

Local tip! La Filmoteca has a fantastic bar/cafe “La Monroe” at its ground-floor. It has some decent food and wine selection for a fair price. It is not all lost in case you decide to go but you don’t like the movies.

La Filmoteca: Practical Information
Price: 2-3EUR/seat, numerous concessions, 10 tickets: 20EUR, yearly 60EUR
Movies: Mostly classics, some modern
Neighborhood: Raval
Nearest Subway: Liceu (L3, green)
Official Website: La Filmoteca de Catalunya

Best Movie theaters in Barcelona

Cinemes Texas

The Texas is probably the best choice for those interested in watching a movie in original version in Barcelona without breaking the bank.

It shows contemporary movies in a quality cinema for just 3EUR/seat. It’s a bargain – and my favorite movie theater in Barcelona.

The Cinema Texas is located in Gracia neighborhood, near Joanic and Verdaguer.

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It is a project of the Catalan movie director Ventura Pons, who relaunched this movie-hall targeting the young bohemian crowd with an aggressive low-cost strategy.

Cinemes Texas shows generally a mix of movies, most of them about just less than a year old. The cinema itself is comfortable with a no-nonsense attitude: no pop-corn bar, just a vending machine.

Cinemes Texas: Practical Information
Price: 3EUR/seat
Movies: Mostly modern, some kids’ movies and classics
Neighborhood: Gracia
Nearest Subway: Verdaguer or Joanic (L4, yellow)
Official Website: Cinemes Texas

Cinemes Malda

This one is perfect if you are staying in the old town and want to have a lazy day.

Watch as many movies as you want for a day. Yes, this is it!

Cinemes Malda is another long-time movie-theater classic in Barcelona. Nowadays it is popular because it has an innovative pricing system. Pay one full ticket, watch as many movies as you want the same day.

Check the movie line-up and

Cinemes Malda: Practical Information

Price: 8-9EUR/seat, valid for all movies of the day
Movies: Mostly contemporary
Neighborhood: Gothic
Nearest Subway: Liceu (L3, green)
Official Website: Cinema Malda

Cinema Balmes Multicines

This movie theater is probably one of the best movie theaters in Barcelona, with the latest movies on display – but it is a bit pricey and a bit far from the center.

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Located in a well-off area, this movie theater was completely restyled and relaunched as the leading movie theater featuring movies in original version in Barcelona.

This place is the classical pop-corn and coca-cola (beer also available) kind of cinema.

In summary, the place it’s great, easy to reach by subway from the center, but not low-cost.

Balmes Multicines: Practical Information
Price: 8-9EUR/movie
Movies: Current mainstream movies, premieres
Neighborhood: Balmes/Putxet
Nearest Subway: El Putxet (FGC)
Official Website: Cinema Malda

Cinemes Verdi

The ol’ good Verdi… well, what to say? It’s an old, small movie theather in the heart of Gracia neighborhood. A classic of Barcelona’s movie scene.

So I include it among the best movie theaters in Barcelona because it has a good movie selection, and it is handy if you are staying in Gracia, or just want to relax after discovering Park Guell.

But I find it pricey for what it is. I personally prefer Texas – cheaper and better movie halls.

Cine Verdi: Practical Information
Price: 8-9EUR/movie
Movies: Current independent movies, premieres
Neighborhood: Gracia
Nearest Subway: Fontana (L3, green)
Official Website: Cines Verdi



If you are on a budget, I recommend Cinema Texas or La Filmoteca where you can watch a movie for 3EUR.

If you want to spend a lazy day watching movies, Cinema Malda is perfect: a day of movies for 9EUR

If you want to see a recent/independent movie, head to Balmes Multicine or Cines Verdi.

Finally if you are in the old town, your best bets are Cinema Malda or Filmoteca (mostly classics), or just take the subway to Cinema Texas.

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