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Barcelona’s Top 10 Hostels

Want to find a good hostel in Barcelona? Skim through the hundreds of mediocre places and find a great hostel in Barcelona. We’ve selected Barcelona’s Top 10 Hostels.

Browse our selection of four small cozier hostels, four big social beasts, and 2 party hostels.

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Barcelona’s Top 10 Hostels: Small & Cozy

Primavera Hostel

Rooms: 7
Neighborhood: Eixample Dret
Subway: Verdaguer (L4, L5)
Style: Homey
Beast feature: Nice quiet terrace
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Hostel Sant Jordi Gracia

Rooms: 6
Neighborhood: Gracia
Subway: Fontana (L3)
Style: Poshtel, Modern
Best feature: Location, Modern
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Jam Hostel

Rooms: 7
Neighborhood: Gracia
Subway: Joanic (L4)
Style: Non-party / Yoga
Beast feature: Nice quiet terrace
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Barcelona’s Top 10 Hostels: Large “Poshtels”

Hostel Casa Kessler

Rooms: 31
Neighborhood: Eixample
Subway: Passeig de Gracia (L3, L4)
Style: Poshtel, Modern
Best feature: Location, Staff
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Rodamon Barcelona Hostel

Rooms: 74
Neighborhood: Eixample
Subway: Diagonal (L3, L5)
Style: Poshtel, Modern
Best feature: Professional, Location
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Free Hostels Barcelona

Rooms: 39
Neighborhood: Eixample Esquerre
Subway: Hospital Clinic (L5)
Style: Poshtel, Modern
Best feature: Beds, Staff
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Barcelona’s Top 10 Hostels: Party Hostels

Kabul Party Hostel

Rooms: 24
Neighborhood: Gothic
Subway: Liceu (L3)
Style: Party
Beast feature: Location, and Terrace
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St Christopher’s Inn Barcelona

Rooms: 47
Neighborhood: Pl Catalunya (Center)
Subway: Pl Catalunya (L1, L3), Pl Universitat (L1, L2)
Style: Social / Party
Best feature: Location, Social
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Generator Hostel Barcelona

Rooms: 154
Neighborhood: Eixample / Ps Gracia
Subway: Diagonal (L3, L5)
Style: Social / Solo traveler
Best feature: Location, Social
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