The Best Eastern European Restaurants In Barcelona (Eat Pierogi, Varenyky, Pelmeni, & Borscht)


Barcelona offers one of the best gastronomical selections in the world. High quality Eastern European restaurants add to the local Mediterranean scene. Let’s talk about the best Eastern European Restaurants in Barcelona!



Typical Food: Varenyky, Pelmeni, Pierogi, & Borscht

Russia, Ukraine, Polish, Belarus

Typical dishes: An Eastern European classic, these dumplings are usually boiled and filled with meat, cheese, or spinach. As a rule of thumb, Russian pelmeni are smaller than Ukrainian varenyky or Polish pierogi.

The Best Russian / Belarusian  / Ukrainian Restaurants in Barcelona

What to order? Pelmeni / Varenyky

Restaurante Souvenir

Restaurante Ruso Ekaterina

Try the Pelmeni z Myasom! Have a look at their menu.

Cafe Tolstoi

Another Russian restaurant (have a look)

The Best Polish Restaurants In Barcelona

What to order? Pierogi Ruskiye


Polish food including local beers, pierogi and positive vibe.



Central Eastern European Cuisine

Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary

The former Austrian area of influence

The Best Czech / Slovak Restaurants In Barcelona

What to order? Beer

Pivobar Cerveza Checoslovaca

No-nonsense Czech bar with quality beers and a small selection of local Czech tapas.

The Best Hungarian Restaurants In Barcelona


The first Hungarian restaurant in Barcelona.



Try Balkan Cuisined from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania

The Best Romanian Restaurants In Barcelona

La Mama Acasa

A Romanian favorite!

Crama Dracula

A cozy tavern run by a couple of Romanians who will introduce you to the multicultural natural of Romania: Hungarian, Balkan, Bukovinian, Wallachian, and Rutherian… Don’t miss the chance to try Romanian wines.

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