5 Gourmet Restaurants in Barcelona For A Steal

Barcelona is one of the leading destinations for foodies and gourmets. Every week a new restaurant pops up, but only the best survive. Prices can vary, but compared to other European metropolis, you get a lot for your buck. These five gourmet restaurants are clearly a safe choice if you want to get good value for money without really breaking the bank.


Tripadvisor (#79, 4.5, 900+ reviews)
Type: Modern
Awards: Michelin BIB 2017

A great choice, located in the center. Offers daily lunch meals, as well as two menus (35/60 EUR) with wine pairings (25/40EUR for 3/5 wines).

Open for lunch Mo-Fr 13-15:30h and dinner Mo-Su 20-23h

Address: Enric Granados 10, Barcelona
Telf: +34 933 23 69 14
Web: http://www.etapes.cat/

Freixa Tradicio

Tripadvisor (#1300, 4, 200+ reviews)
Type: Catalan (regional)
Awards: Michelin BIB 2015, 2017

Delicious Catalan place, Catalan quality food.

Open for lunch Tu-Sa 13-15:30h and dinner Tu-Sa 21-23:30h. Su&Mo closed.

Neighborhood: Gracia/Pl Molina
Address: Sant Elies 22, Barcelona (Pl Molina/St Gervasi)
Telf: +34 932 09 75 59
Web: http://freixatradicio.com/

Fonda Espana

Tripadvisor (#132, 4.5, 750+ reviews)
Type: Traditional
Awards: Michelin BIB 2017

As the restaurant of one the prominent hotels in Barcelona, this classy modernist “fonda” is a restaurant located next to the Liceo and run by Chef German Espinosa.

It offers a great lunch menu deal (midday Mo-Fr) for 27EUR, as well as its Evening Menu for 35.5EUR, and the great Tasting Menu at 75EUR or 110EUR with wine pairings.

Open for lunch Mo-Fr 13-16h and dinner Mo-Sa 20-23h, closed Su and holiday evenings.
Address: St Pau 9-11, Barcelona
Telf: +34 935 50 00 10
Web: Fonda Espana

Senyor Parellada

Tripadvisor (#1300, 4, 1300+ reviews)
Type: Catalan (regional)
Awards: Michelin BIB 2017

No-nonsense place, with fair prices and good quality food. Daily weekday lunch menu 18EUR. House wine bottles for 8EUR.

Open for lunch Mo-Su 13-16h and dinner Mo-Su 20-23:30h.

Address: Argenteria 37, Barcelona
Telf: +34 933 105 094
Web: http://www.senyorparellada.com


Tripadvisor (#764, 4, 1300+ reviews)
Type: Traditional
Awards: Michelin BIB 2017

Open for lunch Tu-Su 13:3–15:30h and dinner Tu-Sa 20:30-23h.

Address: Major de Sarria 134, Barcelona
Telf: +34 93 203 19 18
Web: http://www.vivanda.cat

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