Where To Eat The Absolute Best Burgers in Barcelona


Tired of tapas and paella? Want to grab the best burger in Barcelona?

Barcelona has some of the best restaurants in the world. But a juicy burger is hard to beat. Let’s have a look at the best burger places in Barcelona, from a local’s perspective.

Foc i Oli

Foc i Oli is my personal favorite burger place in Barcelona. Small, unpretentious, delicious.


A good burger place near Hospital Clinic, just opposite of the best public swimming pool in Barcelona. Timesburg now has eight restaurants in Barcelona, a good sign that it delivers QUALITY.

Bacoa Burger

Great burgers at fair prices, this burger chain has achieved a good reputation in Barcelona as one of the best places for meat lovers. Vegan burgers also available.

Pim Pam Burger

No-nonsense burger place in the Born district.

What is your favorite burger in Barcelona?

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