best daily menu in barcelona

15 Best Daily Menu Deals in Barcelona For Less Than 15EUR (In Gracia)

Barcelona has thousand of restaurants. Some are great, some are terrible. To get an idea of the local cuisine without breaking the bank I recommend focusing on great-value “daily menu” deals.

Daily Menu deals are very common in Barcelona. Generally they consist of one starter, a main course, a drink, and a desert or coffee for a very competitive price.

The focus here is less than 15EUR/meal in the Gracia Neighborhood.

The 15 Best Daily Menu in Barcelona’s Gracia Neighborhood

best daily menu in barcelona
best daily menu in barcelona
best daily menu in barcelona

La Pubilla

This is probably my favorite place, specially as a daily menu (lunch deal on weekdays). Not cheap, but quality is good, and well, they probably have the best bread in the city. Daily Menu 14EUR.

Food is a remake of classical Catalan cuisine, with emphasis on seasonal vegetables and traditions.

You are encouraged to call and reserve a table, as it is quite crowded and popular and you might have to wait.

Still hungry?

SMS Delicies

This small restaurant located on a corner makes delicious food in abundant portions. Good deal on the daily menus (11EUR)

Les Tres a La Cuina

Another classic in Gracia.

Can Treso

Can Treso is quite a treasure. The food can be absolutely delicious. Daily menu at 12EUR. A bit experimental, fancy but at fair price.


This place is great for those looking for vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives.
Daily Menu: 11,80EUR


This is a good-quality but fair-price sushi restaurant.
Daily Menu: 11EUR

Restaurant Roma

This is a relatively classier-than-the-usual-daily-menu-place restaurant that offers a pretty decent daily menu at a fair price (around 11EUR). Not a bad choice.

La Pepita

This is a gastro-bar that offers a good deal of a choice of a “pepita” plus drink and coffee/desert at a fair price.
Daily Menu: 12EUR

Pizzeria La Burrata

One of the best oven-baked pizzas in town, Also great pasta. Staff might be too informal for the light-hearted (authentic southern Italian feel). There is a good value daily menu.
They also deliver.

Daily Menu: 12EUR


This place is a fusion of Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisine.
Daily Menu: 10EUR

La Vietnamita

Are you tired of European food? Fancy some Vietnamese Pho soup? This is a decent choice.
Daily Menu: 10EUR

Taverna El Glop

Decent Catalan food, including the classics.
Daily Menu: 10.70EUR


Another sushi place, it’s generally quite good. There are two locations.
Daily Menu: 13EUR


One of the clearly stronger ones, this place offers nice Mediterranean cuisine with an innovative point.
Daily Menu 13EUR

Ramen-ya Hiro

Barcelona is an absolutely amazing gastronomic experience. Fancy Asian food, but not Sushi? Try this place!
Daily Menu: 10.50EUR


In Barcelona there are many great places to grab some delicious food. The great thing is that you can try a new one every day, Even the same place will feel different next time – daily menus are dynamic.

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