Catalan Flags: Difference Between “La Senyera” & “L’Estelada”

If you walked around Barcelona lately, you’ve probably seen that many citizens now have put a Catalan flag on their balconies. Do you know the Catalan flags? Are you aware of the difference between “La Senyera” and “L’Estelada”?

What are the differences between the Catalan flags?

The main difference is political.

La Senyera represents the Catalan Nation and culture, in its purest form.

L’Estelada (starred) represents those with a dream of an independent State of Catalonia.

Catalan Flags: La Senyera

La Senyera is the traditional Catalano-Aragonese flag.

It is the official flag of the Autonomous community of Catalonia. The core 4 red bars in yellow backgrounds also appear in the flags of the Spanish communities of Aragon, Valencia, Balearic Islands. The Senyera also represents the flag of the formerly Catalan city of Alghero in Sardinia, Italy, and in the Coat of Arms of the Flag of Andorra.

Historically, the flag can be traced to the 11th century – although the origin is disputed between Catalan and Aragonese.

It represents the Catalan culture and history and it is relatively neutral in political terms.

You’ll see this flag in public buildings such as universities, city halls, and administrative buildings around Barcelona and Catalonia.

Many homes also have a Catalan flag on their balcony, to signal they are proudly Catalan.

Catalan Flags: L’Estelada

The Estelada is the Catalan flag for those that seek political independence of Spain.

The inception of the political movement dates to the beginning of the 20th century, led by Francesc Macia, a former President of Catalonia.

This means that those that put this flag on their balconies support the independence of Catalonia from Spain to form a new independent State.

Flag-spotting in Barcelona and beyond

Catalonia is nowadays a plural nation with population holding a myriad of political beliefs.

Obviously, in Catalonia you’ll also see a fair amount of Spanish Flags, among others.

The society in Catalonia is profoundly European and lives in harmony in a beautiful environment!