The Best Wine Bars In Medellin (With Maps)

Medellin has fantastic dining options, but finding good wine lists in Medellin is less common. Let’s review the best wine bars in Medellin so that you know where to go for a glass of wine.

Best Wine Bars in El Poblado


Glass/Bottle: ~23K/90K+

Oci.mde is a great gastrobar and cocktail bar in the center of El Poblado. They serve wines by the glass and have an extensive and quite interesting wine list. My recommendation is to try their albariño and their torrontes.


Glass/Bottle: ~30K/100K+

Carmen is one of the finest restaurants in Medellin, and maybe Colombia. Have a good look at their wine menu and surely won’t be disappointed.

Exito Gourmet

Glass/Bottle: ~6K/20K+

Exito is a well-known supermarket chain in Colombia. But in the case of the Exito WOW supermarket in El Poblado, they also serve decent food, and more importantly, great wines, by the glass (at very fair prices!).

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Ask for the wine counter in the bottom floor, next to the wines. It’s, by the way, probably the best place to pick up fine wine in the area with a good range of Chilean Cabs & Carmenere, Argentinean Malbecs and Merlots, as well as some Spanish Rioja and even a tasty Southern Italian Syrah.

  • Recommended Red: Itinera Syrah

The Click Clack Hotel

Glass/Bottle: ~25K/100K+

A super cool spot in a new, modern building, the hotel’s cafe serves about 10 different wines by the glass, and offers a few dozen bottles on the wine list.

Kai Restaurant (Vegan)

Glass/Bottle: ~18K/80K+

Kai is an excellent restaurant, but a VEGAN restaurant. It also offers a good range of wines and can be included in the list!

Voila Vinos

Glass/Bottle: ~18K+/80K+

A fine French restaurant that doubles as a micro-importer of decent French wines.

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