The Best Meditation Pillow For Travellers

A good meditation pillow is a bless. If you are a traveler and want to practise meditation on the road, you will appreciate a good inflatable pillow. Let’s have a look at my favorite!


The Helium 900 by Quechua

Meet my Vipassana Meditation pillow!

Since I started meditating, I wanted to find a meditation pillow that fitted my uncommon nomadic traveling. Found it!

The best travel pillow I’ve found costs only 15 EUR  and weights only 170gr.

The product is called Pillow Helium 900 by Quechua, the trekking brand of the French sports supermarket Decathlon.

The pillow consists of an the exterior fabric cover, which is padded nicely on its upper side, and the interior inflatable chamber.

It’s also possible to extract the inflatable chamber and fill the pillow case with other textiles, which will make it much more stable.


Safe Inflation Valve

This inflatable pillow keeps inflated for weeks!

I’ve been using it for weeks as a pillow I sit on while I meditate, and the pillow does not deflate a bit!

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It’s easy and fast to inflate and deflate, takes just a few blows.

For those who want to use it as a sleeping pillow, it’s better to keep it softer.

Otherwise, if you plan to sit on it, inflate it well and will be more stable.

Finally, the pillow comes with a 2 year guarantee.


Amazing Portability

This pillow fits everywhere!

I travel on a 20L backpack, and I can now take my meditation pillow everywhere with me.

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The pillow folds and fits well in the storage bag (included). The size is roughly the size of a beer can.

Where To Buy It?

Find it on your closest Decathlon store (present in 49 countries).

The product number is 8382813. Just search for this number on the local online shop and you’ll find it.

Here the links for the online shops in Spain, France, UK (12GBP), Germany, Italy, Poland (60zl)

PD: I receive no compensation for this post, I wrote it cause this is a good product.

Post Script: I stopped using this cushion as I need more support, this one is slightly too “unstable”. Might work if you have great core strength.

What type of meditation pillow do you use?

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