Best Coffee Shops In Vilnius (Lithuania)


Vilnius is a lovely city perfect for a weekend trip or a year off. Highly green, Vilnius is very pleasant to walk around and drink some great coffee. Let’s talk about the best specialty coffee shops in Vilnius.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the lovely capital of Lithuania, a small very green country located on the Baltic coast nest to Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Latvia.

A student town, Vilnius boasts a magnificent Baroque old town and vibrant young student community.

There are a few nice specialty coffee shops in Vilnius. Here a list of my favourites!

Specialty Coffee Shops In Vilnius

Most coffee shops are located in the city center and can within a 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral Square.

Elska Coffee

Elska Coffee is probably my favourite coffee shop in Vilnius. This cafe has a very nice vibe and the location is really bright and full of natural light during the day, great for a work power session. Tasty brunch served here too.

Not a third-wave coffee shops, but more of a cozy cafe where people come to have a chat or work on their master thesis or freelance project.

Elska brews Andrito coffee, from the eponymous coffee roaster from Riga (Latvia). Espresso is 2EUR and hand brew is about 3.5EUR.

Huracan Coffee

Huracan Coffee is one of the third wave specialty coffee shops in Vilnius, with a few locations in the old town.

Also a roaster, Huracan sells very high quality coffee beans, thus I’d recommend it if you want to stock up some new flavours.

Coffee is usually around 2-2.50 EUR and they brew their own roasted beans.


Caffeine (previously known as Coffee Inn) is a chain of coffee shops popular the Baltic region with tens of locations and where you can expect to find the classics: Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc.

Popular among students and tourists, it’s not a place with a following but rather a safe bet if you just need your after-lunch coffee.

Coffee drinks are usually around 2-2.50 EUR and they use their own beans.

Hungry? Do You Like Burgers?

If you get hungry afterwards and want to grab a burger, you’ll find the absolute best burgers in town at Drama Burger.

Alternatively, I’d recommend Boom Burgers, right next to the KFC in the very center.

Maybe A Glass Of Wine?

If you also like wine – then I have to recommend the lovely In Vino, a casual-style wine bar with decent tapas-style food, located in the old town near the city gates. Daily new wines by the glass.

What else in Lithuania?

Kaunas is a lovely city with a charming old town, but my favourite place in Lithuania is Nida – a coastal town in the Curonian Split

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