How To Sleep Better In A Hostel Dorm

Do you have trouble sleeping in dorms? Learn how to sleep better in a hostel dorm!

Hostel dorms are notoriously fun, smelly, and loud! But do you sleep well?


TIP #1 – Use Sleeping Mask

The sleeping mask is the most under-appreciated traveling item ever.

It will save your ass when other roomies come back drunk late at night, and turn on the lights or point their phone torch to your face.

Additionally, it also helps you fall asleep faster since it keeps your eyes closed.

I recommend this one: My favorite sleep mask.

TIP #2 – Ear Plugs

Ear buds are life-saving in loud hostel dorms. Also, they are useful if you hit a music festival and have sensitive ears.

I recommend this one: My favorite ear plugs.


TIP #3 – Get a Padlock

Yeah, lock your stuff and stop worrying about other roomies taking your stuff.

I recommend this one: My favorite travel padlock.

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How well do you sleep in hostel dorms, what’s your favorite tip?

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