The Cheapest Supermarket In Norway

Norway is expensive, full stop. There’s no way around it. But you can try to shop at relatively cheaper supermarket chains. Let’s talk about the cheapest supermarket in Norway.

If you are an Erasmus student or a seasonal worker you’ll likely try to shop low-cost groceries.

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Supermarkets Are Not Really Cheap

Unfortunately, Norway does not have Lidl or Aldi, or other European low-cost supermarket chains.

The model here in Norway is different, instead of having cheaper supermarket chains, there are only regular supermarkets (no hard discounters).

But then the regular supermarkets offer “cheap” brands such as El Dorado or First Price that are basically basic and low cost products respectively.

What’s really interesting is that both brands are controlled by the same marketing group: Unil, which also controls premium brands such as Jacobs.

#1 REMA 1000

Rema (aka Rema 1000) is generally speaking your best bet if you’re trying to keep a low-cost life in Norway.

While not great in terms of assortment, service, or fruit prices, the supermarket is still your best bet.

#2 Kiwi

Kiwi is very similar to Rema, and in some cases cheapest supermarket in Norway.

Kiwi has a

#3 Coop

A Norwegian cooperative, Coop is a nice supermarket, similar to Kiwi and Rema 1000 but slightly shinier and nicer.

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