The Bunkers Del Carmel Will Be Fenced

The city hall of Barcelona, headed by Ada Colau, has decided to fence the Bunkers del Carmel during the coming summer 2021.

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The views from Spanish Civil war era bunkers at the top of the Turo de La Rovira are formidable.

However, the recent increase in visitors is both upsetting neighbours and damaging the location, which is part of the Historical Museum of Barcelona.

For this reason, the city hall has decided to fence the area around the bunkers during the summer of 2021, even though the decision is not yet fully confirmed.

The city hall has approved a renovation with a budged of 670,000 EUR, to fence the access to the historical bunkers area.

The access will remain free during daytime, from the designated entry points, but closed at night.

This setup is similar to the Park Guell, although in the case of the Bunkers del Carmel access will remain free of charge.

Additionally, the renovation includes new access paths from northern side of the Turo de la Rovira at the Gran Vista street.

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