Day Trips From Medellin: Discover The Real Antioquia

Medellin is just awesome, but staying in El Poblado is not enough. Don’t miss the chance to make some day trips from Medellin and discover Antioquia, a culturally rich department full of authentic experiences.

Day Trip From Medellin: Where To Go?

The Department of Antioquia is amazingly diverse, from the coastal areas near Turbo to the mountainous highlands in the Andes full of coffee and adventure.

Antioquia is in any case one of the powerhouses of Colombian Coffee, producing some of the best and most consistent Arabica coffee beans in the world.

But where to go? Let’s talk about the best day trips from Medellin easily accessible by public transportation.

Jardin, a coffee town, is a top choice for day trips from Medellin.


Easy choice with good infrastructure for tourists.

One of the most picturesque villages in Antioquia, Jardin is a good call for a day trip from Medellin.

Originally a coffee town, the village is also nearby an indigenous reserve.

Roughly 2.5h away from Medellin, you can reach it easily by bus from the main bus terminal.

Recommended Cafes: Chiroso
Distance from Medellin: 2h30min from the South Terminal

Santa Fe De Antioquia is a historical town near Medellin, with a rich colonial past.

Santa Fe De Antioquia

The pearl of Antioquia

Historically one of the most important towns in the region, Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of the top touristic destinations in Colombia.

Visibly more colonial than the other suggestions on this page, Santa Fe de Antioquia was founded in the 16th century and makes a fantastic day trip near Medellin.

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Recommended Hotels: Mariscal Robledo
Best Restaurants: El Porton
Recommended Cafes: Cafe Canelo
Distance from Medellin: 1h45min from the North Terminal (10/15KCOP)

Ciudad Bolivar is one of the largest producing municipalities in Colombia.

Ciudad Bolivar

Best for “alternative tourists” seeking real Colombia.

Ciudad Bolivar is certainly not a tourist destination in sensu strictu, yet that’s precisely why it’s a great idea to visit this sleepy coffee town.

Believe me, it does not get more real than Ciudad Bolivar, it’s totally like the “far west”. One of the best day trips from Medellin, especially if you speak good Spanish!

Well connected with Medellin, with hourly shared cabs and buses every second hour.

Recommended Hotels: Vitrales (35-45K/night), Casablanca (20K)
Best Restaurants: Theo’s, La Casa
Recommended Cafes: Kape, delosAndes
Distance from Medellin: 2h20min from the South Terminal (25/30KCOP)

Jerico is another picturesque coffee town near Medellin.


Good views and beautiful ride.

Jerico is a traditional coffee-growing town that has embraced tourism. One can feel that it is still relatively new on the tourist map.

The road to Jerico is very picturesque as it overlooks the Cauca river valley.

Distance from Medellin: 2h30min from the South Terminal

What’s your favorite day trip from Medellin?

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