How To Run A Hostel During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Tips)

No news at this point, the infamous coronavirus causing the Covid-19 sickness has completely destroyed the travel industry. If you’re a hostel owner, 2020 is gonna be one of your hardest years.

Remember that these tips are meant to make the experience more appealing for tourists, but you’ll still need to comply with local legislation which may forbid to rent beds in dorms for the time being.

Coronavirus Tips For Hostel Owners

Masks need to be worn in closed spaces.

Consider an “always-compulsory” mask policy

Wearing a mask is the simplest, most effective measure against the coronavirus spreading.

Keep social distance.

Implement Social Distancing

The legendary hostel social vibe… is gone (for now). Social distancing needs to be in place to make sure people stay healthy.

Having said this, mask use seems to allow for closer interaction and is clearly a superior way to handle the crisis.

Think about it; with masks people can interact, without one needs to stay at least 1-2m away (although also not particularly effective if there is air recirculation.

Wider spaces, fewer beds.

Rearrange the dorms

2020 is not a year for the large 16 or 20 beds dorms. Forget about it. You’ll have to make sure that guests are safe, thus reducing the number of people per room is essential.

Curtains are safer if you want to keep the dorms.

Install curtains in the dorms

While dorms may be doomed altogether, there’s some hope in the use of curtains to limit the spreading of particles, combined with other measures.

Sell masks and gels.

Sell masks & gel

The same way people use to buy a t-shirt in Vang Vieng or Ko Pha Ngan, they may want to buy a mask.

Provide guests with essential masks close to “at cost”, and touristic/fancy ones at a profit. The key is that guests need to wear it.

Considering renting long-term.

Consider Renting Long Term

Let’s face it, your hostel dorm will likely stay empty longer than you expect it. Consider switching to other models such as renting it for long-termers as a private or double room.

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