Best Coding Bootcamps In Barcelona – Learn to Code In 2 Months

Do you want a job in tech? Are you looking for a career change? The best way to get a tech job in Barcelona quickly is learning how to code in Barcelona. Find out what are the best coding bootcamps in Barcelona.


Ironhack is one of the leading European bootcamps right now.

Their web development & UX/UI design courses are top notch. The courses take 9 weeks full-time, but also offer part-time options.

Fees are 6500 EUR and scholarships are available for women to help close the gender gap. Read more here.

Skylab Coders

Skylab Coders is a local Catalan project focused on a better command of the Javascript MEAN stack.

The course is slightly longer, so you’ll get more out of it and job-search will likely be easier.

The fee is about 6000 EUR and you can find more info here.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is one of the best-known coding camps in Europe. The French franchise has campuses in over 10 different cities, but, as a location, Barcelona is hard to beat.

Their program is 9 weeks long and the fees are 5900 EUR. Read more here.



Ubiqum is the only coding bootcamp in Barcelona which goes for a longer time, 6 months. Their longer boot camp give you more time to learn and interact with the mentors, which results in better job chances.

Learn to Code In Barcelona

These bootcamps will teach you how to code in about 2-3 months.

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While you won’t turn you into a rockstar programmer, these bootcamps open the path in the world of tech.

After the bootcamp, you’ll be able to get a first job in front-end (website) development at a startup. From there, it’s up to you.

Startup Jobs in Barcelona

The bootcamps will give you a chance to find a job in Tech. Barcelona has a growing startup ecosystem, and is commonly hires english-speaking people in the tech sector.

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