Best MBA in Barcelona – IESE or ESADE?


Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to do an MBA. It offers a great environment to lower stress while earn a top MBA in Europe. Do want to study an MBA in Barcelona? Find out what is the best MBA in Barcelona.

What is the best MBA in Barcelona?

The first thing you should know; the best MBA program in Barcelona is the IESE MBA.

If you are not a top MBA profile, there is another great MBA program: the second best MBA in Barcelona is the ESADE MBA.

Let’s look at the facts; what suits you better?

To any serious student/ young professional I would ONLY recommend IESE and ESADE MBAs.

All other MBAs in Barcelona are not worth the money.

There are however excellent Economics MSc and MRes, as well as PhDs. But all MBAs other than IESE or ESADE are not as good.


Let’s review the top two business schools in Barcelona: IESE & ESADE.

#1 – IESE Business School – University of Navarra

IESE is the best business school in Barcelona. The MBA and PhD programs are usually ranked top 10 worldwide with other top schools like London’s BS or HEC Paris.

While it is the best, it is also one of the priciest and hardest to get in. Get your GMAT and TOEFL exams ready, as well as the usual recommendation letters and essays.

IESE MBA in Numbers

  • 300 students
  • 55 countries
  • Average age: 28
  • 2 year program
  • GMAT is 680
  • 72% Male 28% Female
  • Average Salary 65KEUR (Spain) 81K EUR (Global)
  • Cost: 88,150 EUR
  • More info

The only other program in Spain that competes with IESE is IE in Madrid, all others are of a different level. The campus is located in the poshest street in town, and the level of education and social activities is top.

IESE is the absolute best MBA in Spain for those who want to enjoy a couple of years in Barcelona enjoying their late 20s or early 30s, and then get a high-paid job in Barcelona, or London, Paris, and beyond.

#2 – ESADE Business School

ESADE is the best undergraduate business school in Barcelona. ESADE’s MBA program in Barcelona is also a serious program, but certainly not at the same level as IESE.

While IESE is on pair with LBS, ESADE is maybe equivalent to RSM or EDHEC. It’s good, but not top 10.

ESADE MBA in Numbers

  • 150 students
  • 95% international
  • Average age: 29
  • 2 year program
  • GMAT average 660
  • 71% Male 29% Female
  • Average Salary 61K EUR (Global)
  • Cost: 64,900 EUR
  • More info

ESADE is the best alternative for good students who want to study in Barcelona and want a less competitive admission process. In other words, it is much easier to get accepted here than to IESE.

Other MBA Programs in Barcelona (UPF, UB, IQS, EADA, UPC)

ESADE and IESE are the only two worthwhile MBA programs in Barcelona, but there are other business schools that offer business programs.

Alternative business schools in Barcelona include Barcelona School of Management (BSM / UPF), University of Barcelona, IQS, EADA, UPC Barcelona Tech and others.

Other Programs vs IESE or ESADE

Personally I believe that the only MBA programs in Barcelona worth paying for are IESE and ESADE.

Any other programs beyond the above do not offer the same quality of student body and job market. They are however a good choice to get you a visa to spend a couple of years in Barcelona, but do not count as quality MBAs.

Undergraduate Business Degree in Barcelona

The best undergraduate universities in Spain for business and management are ESADE, UPF, IE, UC3, and CUNEF.

Note that IESE does not offer undergraduate degrees, only MBAs and other graduate programs.

MSc For Economics Majors

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It’s not only MBA’s in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (GSE) offers some of of the leading graduate programs in economics, international trade, and data science.

BGSE might be a fantastic alternative to those interested in academia.

GMAT Study Material

Final Notes

While MBAs in Barcelona are no Wharton or Harvard, there are two excellent programs in Barcelona: IESE & ESADE.

IESE will be better suited to A+ candidates, while ESADE will be fit for B+ candidates. Apply soon and discover Barcelona as a student!

What do you think is the best MBA in Barcelona?

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