The Best Third Wave Coffee Shops In Girona (With Map Links)


The coffee scene in Girona is improving. Do you know the best third wave coffee shops in Girona?

Girona is an amazing town near Barcelona, with a lovely old town. It makes a fantastic day trip from Barcelona.


Coffee-Lover Guide: The Best Third Wave Coffee Shops in Girona

If you are a coffee junkie like me, you travel with your own Aeropress. Yet sometimes it’s really cool to meet other coffee aficionados, or hang out in a nice cafe while you get some work done.

Girona is a traditional Catalan town, with the typical Catalan cafes and “pastisseries”.

Luckily, a new wave of high-quality cafes is reshaping the coffee scene in Girona. Let’s have a look.

La Fabrica Girona

A fantastic place to grab some food and great coffee in the old town.

Espresso Mafia Girona

Find your next bag of freshly roasted coffee while you sip your perfectly well-extracted double-shot cappuccino. Awesome place.

What is your favorite cafe in Girona?

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