The Best Coffee Maker For Travelers And Nomads

Tired of spending too much money on coffee while traveling in exchange for mediocre watery beverages? Try traveling with a coffee maker. Let’s talk about the best coffee makers for travellers!

Coffee On The Road

Are you a coffee addict? Do you go to sleep dreaming about that next morning’s first cup of coffee? Me too.

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When I travel, I forget about sights and head directly to the best coffee shops in town. Yeah.

There are all kinds of options, from the Italian mokka, to the french press, or the infamous instant coffee.

As a true coffee-holic – I now travel with an Aeropress. And I am not looking back.

Coffee Guides For Travelers



The Aeropress has become a cult. A truly simple and versatile product that makes great coffee without complications.

The system works like a coffee syringe, which is used to press the brew through the filter.

It’s no-brainer for travelers. Quick, lightweight, and clean. And it brews fantastic coffee. And it costs about 30 EUR.

Additionally, one has the choice to buy extra aeropress paper filters or forget about filters buying one metallic filter.

Hario V60

The classical pour-over coffee maker. Cheap and easy, you can’t go wrong with this.

During my travels, I did travel with a V60 for long time, but I eventually discovered that I usually prefer the semi-immersive extraction of the Aeropress.

In any case, the Hario V60 system is a fantastic coffee maker for travelers. It’s affordable (costs about 15 EUR) and filters are readily available wherever you travel.

Enjoy it!

What Is The Best Coffee Maker For Travellers: Pros & Cons


  • Pros
    • Amazing Coffee
    • Easy to clean
    • Versatility
  • Cons
    • Lightweight but bulky
    • Specific filters

Hario V60

  • Pros
    • Super easy & cheap
    • Filters available everywhere
    • Compact
  • Cons
    • Brewing time is too short
    • More coffee needed per serving

The final veredict:

  • The Hario V 60 (pour-over style) is better for casual coffee lovers who need a tool to prepare quality coffee.
  • The Aeropress is for true coffee junkies like myself.

What is your favorite coffee maker? 🙂

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