The Easiest Way To Reach The Bunkers Barcelona

Many tourists know that the Bunkers Del Carmel are probably the best urban viewpoint in Barcelona. So, what is the easiest way to get to the Bunkers Barcelona?

Visiting The Bunkers Barcelona

Visiting the Bunkers del Carmel using public transportation is very easy.

The site itself was recently turned into a part of the Museum of History of Barcelona.

Lately, the local municipality has set some tourist signs that mark the path to the Bunkers (labeled as Bateria Antiaeria del Turo de La Rovira)

When To Visit The Bunkers Del Carmel

The best time to go is by sunrise, or at sunset.

When the weather is nice, they are also great for a morning/afternoon picnic or chill.

Note that the viewpoint is exposed to the wind, particularly during the winter.

In fact it can get very windy and cold after sunset. Thus, make sure you are protected from – and bring sunblock and enough water if it is sunny.

Where Are The Bunkers Del Carmel

The Bunkers are located on top of the “Turo de la Rovira”, about 45 minutes away from the old town by public transport (bus or subway).

You’ll have to walk a bit either way – but less so if you take the bus.

In Short:
Subway to Guinardo (L4, yellow) + 30 min nice walk uphill,
Bus V17 from the center/Gracia to last stop (Pl Mitja Lluna) + 8 min walk

Easiest way to reach bunkers barcelona

How To Go To The Bunkers Del Carmel By Bus

From Barceloneta/Jaume I / Urquinaona / Gracia (Fontana) + 8 min walk

It is quite easy – just take bus line V17 from the center or Gracia to the last stop and then walk (8min) towards the top of the hill.

So, take bus line V17 all the way until last stop (Gran Vista – Pl de la Mitja Lluna).

V17 approximate route

It starts all the way in the Maremagnum, near Barceloneta subway stop, then takes the Via Laietana (just near Jaume I subway), then Near Pl Urquinaona, then goes up on Roger de Lluria Street, then Gran de Gracia (passing by Fontana L3 subway stop). From there Av Republica Argentina near subway Vallcarca L3 subway stop. Then Mare de Deu del Coll, near L5. and then Carrer Santuari, and finally Carrer Granvista to the Pl Mitja Lluna (final stop).

Walk From The Last Stop To The Top

Next to the car parking opposite the bus stop there is a road that goes up sneakingly behind the mountain. Just follow the asphalted road that turns to the right.

Less than 200m away, you should be able to see the sea from a really nice small intermediate viewpoint.

Continue further, and in another 150 meter you’ll pass an odd asphalt roundabout. By now you should be able to devise your goal: the Bunkers Barcelona stand in front of you. It looks like an odd telecommunications antenna.

You can find more info about line V17 here. Also, note that Bus 119 gets you even closer, but does not run from the center. Bus 24 also not bad but you’ll have to walk longer.

How To Go To The Bunkers Del Carmel By Subway

From Guinardo stop (L4, yellow) and 30 min walk

Some others prefer to walk uphill from L4 metro (subway) stations Guinardo or Alfons X.

The walk/hike is gorgeous during fresh days, and takes approximately 30 min from each of these subway stops.

My recommendation is to access it from Guinardo (L4, yellow) subway stop.

From there part of the distance is served by an escalator and elevator, increasing accessibility.

Route From Guinardo (L4)

Exit the subway and orient towards the hill walking up Telegraf street. Follow Telegraf street up all the way to the top.

Half way through Telegraf street (aprox 500m), you’ll find the escalators and two elevators that will help you get to the top of the street easily.

Once you reach the top of Telegraf Street (after the second elevator), you’ll find a small parking area that turns into a green area on its higher end.

You’ll have to follow a dirt path up, and then take it to the left, cutting some time.

And then just follow up instinctively. Remember that the Bunkers are on top of the hill. And all trails lead to Rome 🙂

At some point you’ll find some metallic stairs on your right side – take them and you are almost there.

By subway: Go to Guinardo (L4, yellow), take Telegraf Street up, and get all the way to the top. From the Old town it takes about an hour in total. Worth it!

Final notes

The Bunkers are certainly one of the best viewpoints in Barcelona.

If you are interested in other sights, check this post about the best 5 sights in Barcelona.

Now you already know how to get there. Should you have any question, post it as a comment.

Also, if you liked this, share it with your friends and go for a walk!


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