The Best Spanish Trap

Trap has become quite popular in Spain in the last couple of years and some Spanish trap artists have reached global exposure.

Spanish trap artists have incorporated a number of influences, from flamenco, reggaeton or even bolero and other latin classic music genres.

Let’s review the biggest names in Spanish Trap.


The biggest name on this list, Rosalia is a global name these days, releasing songs with the prime names in the business (Travis Scott).

Rosalia showed fantastic musical skill from early age and was admitted to the ESMUC most prestigious music school in Barcelona.

For years, she trained as a flamenco singer and his first major musical work “El Mal Querer“, full of flamenco influence, was published as her graduation project.

She then went on to conquer other styles and gained international recognition in the latin world with her collaborations with J Balvin and Ozuna.

Rels B

Possibly the most hip-hop and even afrobeats on the list, Rels B is a highly popular singer from the Balearic Islands.

Cecilio G

Cecilio G is a key figure in the Spanish Trap and hip hop scene, if also potentially the more versatile from the underground guys.

C Tangana (Wikipedia)

C Tangana

Probably the most innovative and professional in the classic sense, C Tangana is a philosophy graduate who started as a hip hop freestyle singer, then developed his style incorporating latin and trap influences.

Yung Beef (Wikipedia)

Yung Beef

Another Spanish trap singer, Yung Beef is well known for being deeply underground.

Playlist Spanish Trap

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