Top Specialty Coffee Shops In Minsk


Minsk is one of the most Soviet cities in the world. It certainly feels unique in its European context, and very reminiscent of provincial Russian capitals. From the moment you arrive at the international airport, you realise Belarus is flooded with Chinese students, dodgy casinos, and Turkish tourists. Let’s talk about the top specialty coffee shops in Minsk though!

Belarus is opening up. A formerly very closed post-Soviet republic, Belarus is changing fast.

After the introduction of the visa-free regime for 74 countries, the country is getting ready for a new industry: tourism.

Minsk is full of KFCs, McDonald’s, and other western-style shops. How about cafes and coffee shops?

Specialty coffee shops in Minsk

As a coffee addict myself, the first thing I did was check out the best cafes in town serving specialty coffee in Minsk. Here’s what I think about the coffee scene in Minsk.

Kitchen Coffee Roasters

Kitchen Coffee Roasters is a small cafe located near the local yiest Factory and quite a walk from the center. The best thing about it is that it’s located to an area full of street art in Minsk.

Their beans are quite decent (Ethiopia Nensebo’s, Kenya’s AA, etc), and got 250gr roasted bags at 20/25BYN, roughly 10-15USD. Filter coffee is 4BYN.

Why Knot?

Why Knot? is a more stereotypical third-wave-wannabe coffee shop with the with a coffee roasting operation. Beautiful faces and plenty of people wearing AirPods and working on their MacBooks. Located near the train station and about 25 min walk from the Nemiga area.

They sell a small selection of roasted beans at 200gr for about 18BYN.

Other Coffee Shops

Flter is another coffee shop. Location is decent but the cafe itself is quite basic and did not quite convince me.

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