About Bunkers Barcelona

This is not a conventional travel guide. Bunkers Barcelona is independent travel advice.

It all began as a page about my favorite spot in Barcelona: the Bunkers del Carmel.

But then I thought… Why not make it into a proper travel guide? And so I did!

Who writes this?

Welcome, my name is Jordi, a curious Catalan born and raised in Barcelona.

And, I love (and hate) Barcelona.

I Love&Hate Barcelona

I love Barcelona for its vibe, beach, location, culture, and weather.

And I hate it mostly because of its absurd retarded touristification and decadence.

Don’t get me wrong; I also love traveling. In fact, I’ve spent years abroad living and traveling.

What I mean is that the current relation between tourism and the city is not appropriate.

Bunkers Barcelona aims at contributing towards a more respectful and considerate relation between tourists and the city.

The Trigger

So, I’ve met hundreds of people who were going to Barcelona and wanted travel advice from a local.

For this reason, I started compiling some tips about my favorite places.

At some point I thought, why not open them to the internet?

The Result

So this was the start of Bunkers Barcelona – which in fact is my favorite place in the city.

Here you can find travel advice on the best sights, best neighborhoods, best day trips, and other common questions.

If you find this site useful – share it with your friends 🙂