A Step-by-step Guide To Find Cheap & Great Accommodation Online


The cheaper your accommodation, the longer you’ll be able to travel. But make sure you don’t compromise on quality. This short article will show you how to book cheap accommodation online.

Step 1: Use a good accommodation platform

As a heavy traveler, I do recommend Booking. It has the widest range of properties (from hostel dorms to 5-star hotels and even apartments).

Their rating system is probably the best in the industry, so I feel very safe when I book. Additionally their customer service has proved very useful in when needed.

Hence I recommend you to bookmark Booking and start saving while traveling today!

Other travelers may prefer Hostelworld or Airbnb (find out here how to obtain a 35EUR FREE Airbnb sign up bonus!)

Step 2: Enter search data (destination & dates)

Once in the platform, it’s very simple, just enter where and when you plan to go and click search.

You can do it here too:



Step 3: Filter your search (by type or minimum rating)

In this step I skim the results looking at the type of accommodation I am aiming at. My general preference is hostels with 8+ rating. These type of properties are generally good value.

So, those looking at just hostels or hotels or apartments, should select what type of property they want.

Then, indicate the minimum rating score you want; generally a 7 or 8 is a good indicator of a decent hostel.

Step 4: Rank your results (by price or ratings)

This is the key step to get the best deals. In the previous step you’ve filtered what type of property you want (hostel, hotel, or apartment) and a minimum level of quality.

Now you will rank your results by price, rating, and more to see first what is the cheapest within your preferences.

That is it!