The Weather In Barcelona Is Off The Charts

The weather in Barcelona is just fabulous. Compared to other cities in Europe, Barcelona has more hours of sun and less days of rain per month. Check out these charts!!

Yearly Hours of Sun in Europe


This translates into pretty good temperature throughout the year. Average temperatures do not fall below 10. Conversely, during summer, temperature climbs to a still comfortable 24 degrees Celsius.

Average Temperature in Barcelona


As you can see below, there is only one month with more than 5 days of rain. Imagine at worst 6 days of rain in a month, or just 2 during summer. Unbelievable!

Rain Days in Barcelona


Less rain means more sun hours in Barcelona. Deal! Imagine an average of 4 hours of sun per day even in December!

Sun Hours in Barcelona


Bonus chart: Water Temperature

Barcelona has one of the coolest beach promenades in Europe. While no Caribbean, water temperature is quite nice and reaches a good 26 degrees Celsius in August, the warmest month.


How do you like the weather?

The weather in Barcelona is quite warm, and you will barely need a warm jacket, even in mid winter. However, it is quite humid which means cold bites.

It’s so funny to see some locals wearing heavy winter coats while northern tourists walk around in shorts and flip-flops!

Have you even seen it?