How To Start Up A Business In Barcelona


Are you thinking of opening a business in Barcelona? Do you know how to start up and how to incorporate your business? Let’s talk about Barcelona Activa, and how it will help you start up a business in Barcelona.

What Is Barcelona Activa?

Barcelona Activa is a public organisation from city hall designed to help you in the professional world.

Their main areas of operation are:

  • Training & Skills Development
  • Start-up help
  • Job market

So Barcelona Activa offers a full-cycle program for those interested in working, or constituting a company.

Barcelona Activa offers great help for freelances, future founders, and people interested in learning new skills

Where is Barcelona Activa Office?

You can find the main office of Barcelona Activa near Glories subway station.

The office is open every workday.

The place offers free internet and it is also great as an improvised co-working space. It is free.

How Can Barcelona Activa Help Me?

Barcelona Activa offers all kinds of courses for free, in informatics, business skills, sales, and more.

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A sub-division of Barcelona Activa, the Cibernarium, offers courses in a number of fields such as python, wordpress, javascript, front end design, marketing, affiliates, etc.

Costs Of Barcelona Activa

All services are provided free of charge. Yes, free of charge!

Next Steps

If you are considering starting up a company in Barcelona, go see them and let them help you constitute your new business.

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Otherwise, if you are looking for a job, Barcelona Activa can help you learn new competences that will make it easier to find a job.

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