Book Train Tickets


As a travel junkie, I absolutely love train travel. I can’t stretch it enough. I must have traveled over 50.000 km by train!

While trains are generally more expensive than buses and nowadays even planes, the experience of traveling by train is much more comfortable, usually having a lot more space and the possibility of walking around.

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Spain has a very well developed train infrastructure – fantastic high-speed lines! Sadly the lines are radially executed with Madrid as a center. So there are lines from Madrid to everywhere, but to go from Valencia to Sevilla, the best option is through Madrid… Welcome to Spain! /s

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While not particularly cheap, from Barcelona you can reach Girona and Figueres very quickly, and Lleida, Madrid and beyond in about 2h.

The main lines are operated by RENFE, the state service railway company. The website is generally the only official place where you can buy your online tickets. Occasionally there are sales and Barcelona Madrid starts at 25EUR! Do not miss it!